Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire: Dean and Michelle Marsden

#TheList Dean Marsden, born c. 1978, and Michelle Louise Marsden, born c. 1980, of 3xx Union Road, Oswaldtwistle, Accrington, Lancashire BB5 3NW – failed to get veterinary help for their Labrador dog who was suffering from ear, eye and skin diseases.

Convicted dog abusers Dean and Michelle Marsen from Oswaldtwistle, Accrington

Blackburn magistrates heard the chocolate Labrador called Charlie suffered “significant pain and discomfort” over a period of time.

The Marsdens both pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering and two charges of failing in their duty of responsibility to the dog.

Paul Ridehalgh, prosecuting for the RSPCA, said Charlie had been handed over by a member of the public who found him straying in Oswaldtwistle.

The vets discovered extensive hair loss, anaemia and an underactive thyroid. He also had long nails indicating he was not getting sufficient exercise.

The vet’s opinion was that the dog had been suffering for some time and that all his conditions could easily have been treated.

Zabair Afzal, defending, said it had not been a deliberate attempt to cause suffering.

He said the couple had noticed issues with the dog’s skin last year and had treated it with creams and shampoos.

“That worked but the condition flared up again in March of this year,” said Mr Afzal.

He said the pet store where they had bought the previous medication had closed.

They bought some more medication but didn’t get chance to complete the course before the dog strayed.

“They made several attempts to look after the dog but they accept it wasn’t enough and they couldn’t afford to take the dog to the vets,” he added.

Eight-week curfew; £85 victim surcharge.  Banned from keeping any pets for 10 years. Deprivation order made for Charlie which allows the RSPCA to re-home him.

Lancashire Telegraph

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  1. both of you my god it’s bad enough one person doing this but for you both to do this makes you sick fucked up individuals i hope you have a long drawn out painful death and that you know that you are dying and just to top it off you are all alone

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