Oldham, Greater Manchester: Christopher Gallier

#TheList Christopher Gallier, born c. 1987, of 111 Canal Street, Oldham OL9 7JR – blasted his pet dog in a shooting spree in his own home

In March 2010 a Sharpei-type dog named Roxy was deliberately shot in the neck with an airgun by her owner Christopher Gallier.

Gallier initially told police that the dog had been injured by glass in his backyard before claiming instead that a pellet had ricocheted and hit Roxy. In the end he admitted that he had deliberately targeted the dog during a shooting spree inside his home.

X-rays revealed a pellet ledged deep in Roxy’s neck muscles – an injury that would have caused her sustained pain over a period of days.

Gallier pleaded guilty to shooting the dog, failing to get her veterinary treatment and failing to keep her and a second dog in a hygienic and hazard free environment.

Roxy survived after an operation and she and another dog were signed over to the RSPCA in August 2010.

Gallier was given a two-month prison sentence, suspended for one year and banned from keeping animals for life.

Manchester Evening News

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