Oakham, Rutland: Susan Bradburn

#TheList for horse neglect – Susan Jane Cross Bradburn, born November 1957, of Barnett’s Farm, Church Road, Egleton, Oakham, Rutland LE15 9AD

One of the horses rescued from poor conditions at Susan Bradburn's filthy farm in Rutland, Leicestershire
One of the neglected horses rescued from poor conditions at Susan Bradburn’s filthy farm in Rutland, Leicestershire

In April 2016 Bradburn was found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to three Knabstrupper horses – a Danish breed with a striking spotted coat. She appealed her sentence and conviction but in February 2017 this was upheld although her ban on keeping equines was reduced from seven years to five years.

The RSPCA were first called by World Horse Welfare in February 2015 for assistance after concerns were made for three horses kept at a yard in Melton Road in Melton Mowbray.

Some of the horses were confined to stables that were so filthy they were forced to stand on 4ft of muck.

Bradburn was originally found guilty of three offences of causing unnecessary suffering because of their poor body condition, and three offences of keeping the horses in an unsuitable environment.

Knabstrupper horses have a striking spotted coat.
Knabstrupper horses have a striking spotted coat.

The three horses seized by police as part of this case (a 16 year-old mare named Leah, a six-month old colt named Max and an 18 month old filly) were placed into RSPCA care.

At her appeal hearing, Bradburn admitted offences against two horses, but allegations of offences against a third horse were dropped. Subsequently, her ban was reduced from seven to five years, but she was ordered to pay £3,000 costs.

Sentencing: 16 weeks’ in jail suspended for one year; 150 hours of community service; £1,500 costs (increased to £3,000 following her appeal). Disqualified from keeping horses for just five years (expires February 2022).

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