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#TheList Alan Aston Golder, born 10/03/1966, of Morse Road, Norwich NR1 4PJ – found guilty of hitting and being physically violent towards his British bulldog

Convicted dog abuser Alan Golder from Norwich with British bulldogs Annie and Bear
Convicted dog abuser Alan Golder from Norwich with British bulldogs Annie and Bear

Father-of-two Alan Golder was seen and heard by several dog walkers hitting and shouting at his British bulldog, Annie, when taking her and another bulldog, named Bear, for a walk in Pilling Park on November 11, 2018.

Golder had denied the charges and described himself as a caring, responsible dog owner who adored his dogs. He told the court he had not struck Annie but was trying to remove a stick she had in her mouth.

He said: “I would never strike my dogs. I love them to bits”.

But the court heard from three witnesses who said they saw Golder being aggressive towards the bulldog.

Kelly Matthews said she first became aware of Golder entering the park when she heard him shouting at his dogs.

Convicted dog abuser Alan Golder from Norwich
Despite being found guilty for physically abusing one of his pet dogs, Alan Golder received only a paltry fine and was not banned from keeping animals.

She said she saw Golder approach Annie – who was running around with a stick in her mouth – in a “very aggressive manner”.

Ms Matthews, who told the court she knew Golder, said she was aware Annie was not allowed sticks. She said: “Mr Golder picked her up by each end of the stick and he literally threw her so hard she landed on her back and she bounced off the ground.”

Ms Matthews said Golder then started hitting the dog. “He repeatedly struck Annie around the head muzzle in an attempt to get her to drop the stick.”

The court also heard from Darren Carrey and Jennifer Bunting, other dog walkers who were in Pilling Park on November 11 who told the court they also saw Golder striking Annie.

Finding Golder guilty, Jeffrey Dyett, chairman of the bench said: “We find the prosecution witnesses to be credible and compelling and we believe there was no vendetta against you as to you we did not find your explanation of events to be credible.

“We believe that this was a reckless incident we think that you were, up to that point a responsible caring owner.”

Sentencing: fined £120 and ordered to pay £500 in costs plus a £30 victim surcharge. No ban.

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