Norton Fitzwarren, Taunton: Talia Forward

#TheList Talia Forward, born 7 July 1987, of Hilly Park, Norton Fitzwarren, Taunton TA2 –  left her dogs to suffer with untreated fighting injuries in squalid conditions.

Convicted animal abuser Talia Forward of Taunton, Somerset

Forward pleaded guilty to two offences under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 following a prosecution by the RSPCA.

Staffies Rex and Rory were discovered surrounded by rubbish and faeces when RSPCA inspectors visited Forward’s home in November 2017.

Photos taken at the scene showed an upturned television on the floor of the lounge, with the carpet caked in dog faeces and several plastic littered bags around the room, and rubbish strewn across the bedroom floor with the dogs standing on the bed, while the bathroom floor, sink and toilet were filthy.

Speaking about the case RSPCA inspector Jo Daniel said: “Forward failed to provide proper and necessary veterinary care and a suitable environment for Rex and Roxy.

“The condition of the dogs was heartbreaking, and it is beyond belief that anyone could deem it acceptable to keep animals in such filthy, squalid surroundings.”

Sentence:  three months in jail on both counts, with the prison terms to run concurrently. Banned from keeping any animals, which she cannot appeal against for six years.

Somerset County Gazette


Drug addict Forward had earlier admitted charges alongside boyfriend Luke Reginald Scarley (DoB 29/09/1992) of Park Street, Taunton, in relation to two dogs named Lola and Kia who had ingested the hallucinogenic drug Spice. Whilst sentencing for that case was due in early July, no details have been reported by the press.

Luke Scarley admitted allowing dogs to ingest Spice
Luke Scarley admitted allowing his dogs to ingest Spice





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