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#TheList Tristian White, born 29/03/1983, of 24 Sladeswell Court, Prior Meadow, Northampton NN3 9SZ – violently assaulted a Staffy named Blaze and failed to seek vet treatment for unexplained injuries caused to a nine-week-old puppy named Gucci.

Northampton subjected two helpless dogs to a horrific ordeal of pain and neglect
Violent thug Tristian White from Northampton subjected two helpless dogs to a horrific ordeal of pain and neglect

White admitted three animal cruelty offences related to his dogs Gucci and Blade.

In what the presiding judge described as a “quite shocking” case of neglect and ill-treatment, White made a makeshift splint for 9-week-old Gucci’s leg because he ‘couldn’t afford’ a vet. The leg injury and another to her head were apparently caused accidentally. Gucci ended up having to have her leg amputated. In addition, White’s neighbour made a sound recording of him violently assaulting his other dog relentlessly over a 30-minute period.

Violent dog abuser Tristian White from Northampton
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The court heard police officers visited White’s address in June and immediately became concerned about the welfare of Gucci.

Janita Patel, senior prosecutor for the RSPCA, said officers could see that a metal rod had been applied to one of the dog’s legs.

Gucci was taken to a vet and was found to have suffered a broken leg and head trauma.

Ms Patel said: “The vet concluded that the defendant would have been aware of the injury as he had applied the makeshift splint which had actually added to the dog’s pain and suffering.”

When he was interviewed about the dog’s injuries, White said he had put the puppy on a table and heard a ‘bang and a yelp’ and saw her left leg was “swinging”.

White said he had “no money” to take the dog to see a vet. He said he did not notice the head injuries. Gucci later had to have the leg amputated to prevent further suffering

The court heard that White’s neighbour had also become concerned about the welfare of Blade. The neighbour made a sound recording of a 30-minute incident in which White could be heard swearing at the dog and a series of ‘bangs’ and ‘thuds’ and then Blade could be heard yelping.

Violent dog abuser Tristian White from Northampton
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The recording was handed over to the RSPCA and, after a vet examined Blade, a large bruise was found on her skull.

District Judge Tim Daber, sentencing, said the neglect and ill-treatment of the animals was “quite shocking”.

He said: “This is a case of serious neglect due to the severity of the poor dog’s injuries. It must have been obvious the dog needed treatment and was in pain.”

Mr Daber said White had physically abused Blade in a “quite sickening manner.”

White was jailed for 26 weeks and was given a lifetime ban from owning any animal. The RSPCA will also take away a rat called Oreo he owns.

Both dogs have been rehomed by the RSPCA.

Sentence: jailed for six months; lifetime ban on owning any animal.

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