Newry, County Down: Richard Crozier

#TheList Richard Crozier of Annsville, Newry BT34 1AB – for a catalogue of neglect towards  five adult dogs, four dependant pups and four ferrets in his care.

Richard Crozier was banned from keeping animals after pets were found in ‘appalling’ conditions at his home
Richard Crozier was banned from keeping animals after pets were found in ‘appalling’ conditions at his home

A case was brought against Crozier by Newry, Mourne and Down District Council following a complaint about the condition of animals living at his home.

When council animal welfare officers visited Crozier’s home on March 4, 2016 they found the conditions in which the animals were being kept to be “appalling”.

Sadly, a lurcher-type dog had already died. The dog, who was wearing a muzzle, was chained to a kennel.  He had several open wounds on his legs and was skeletal. A post mortem found that the dog was severely emaciated.

The animals were all deemed to be suffering and were taken into the possession of the council.

In court, Crozier pleaded guilty to all four charges which were brought by the council under the provisions of the Welfare of Animals Act (Northern Ireland) 2011.

Total fines of £1000. Disqualified from keeping animals for just five years (expires November 2023).

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4 thoughts on “Newry, County Down: Richard Crozier”

  1. It’s not long enough these poor animals don’t have a voice we need to be their voice
    The law has to change and protect them more from these monsters

  2. The law needs to change these poor animals suffer for days and months . About time people like this got jail. bann them for life from keeping any animal.

  3. I’m absolutely appalled at this sentencing!! He should have been given a ban for life after the suffering he purposely inflicted on these poor defenceless animals. Simply not good enough & this doesn’t send out proper warnings to other perpetrators of such crimes!!

  4. A ban on keeping animals for life should have been passed on this waste of space , this excuse for a human being. The council did their bit but again the judiciary let these poor animals down. Judges!where for gods sake is your humanity?

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