Newport, South Wales: Steven Appleton

#TheList Steven Appleton, born 02/12/1985, previously of Trethomas, near Caerphilly, and more recently (2019) of Hood Road, Newport NP19 7GZ – stamped on a rabbit repeatedly until she died.

Steven Appleton
Steven Appleton

The grey rabbit, who belonged to Appleton’s former girlfriend, suffered multiple injuries during the attack including fractures to the skull, jaw, shoulder blade and pelvis and internal bleeding.

A post-mortem showed that she had suffered a painful death. Her body had attempted to heal some of the injuries before she died.

Steven Appleton participating in a body building competition
Body builder, manipulative and predatory animal abuser

A psychiatric assessment of Appleton, who participates in body building competitions, described him as “manipulative and predatory” and noted that he showed no remorse for his actions.

In June 2009 Steven Appleton was sentenced to six months in jail and banned from keeping animals for ten years (expired 2019).

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