Newham, London: Adewale Olatunji Akere

#TheList Adewale ‘Ade’ Akere, born 10/02/1983, previously of Ilford and more recently 19 Woolwich Manor Way, Newham, London E16 2NJ –  brutally killed his wife’s cat and his neighbour’s cat hours later

Demented double cat killer Ade Akere
Demented double cat killer Ade Akere

Teaching assistant Akere strangled Louis at his home in Ilford on Christmas Day before stabbing him and putting him in a bucket of paint. He left the bucket outside a nearby school.

In the early hours of Boxing Day, Akere borrowed Tom, his neighbour’s four-year-old cat, so he could play with Louis. Once in his house he also killed Tom and decapitated him with a kitchen knife.

Shortly afterwards his wife alerted the police who recovered the bodies of both animals. In interviews Akere claimed he had carried out the killings because he thought cats were evil.

Sentence: 16 weeks in prison suspended for 12 months.  30-day Rehabilitation Activity Requirement. Ordered to pay £100 in compensation to each victim. A  restraining order not to contact either cat owner for three years was imposed. Banned from owning or looking after animals for five years (expires March 2023).

Ilford Recorder

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