New Mossley, Newtownabbey: Angela McMullan

#TheList Angela Michelle McMullan, born 12/08/1971, 5 Ballyearl Way, Newtownabbey BT36 5BZ – for starving her dog

Dog ,abuser Angela McMullan of Newtownabbey, County Antrim Northern Ireland

Mother-of-three Angela McMullan pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to her pet dog. The charge was brought against McMullan by Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council under the Welfare of Animals Act (NI) 2011.

Council Animal Welfare Officers attended the property on April 9, 2019 following reports of concerns for a dog. On initial examination of the unnamed dog they contacted the council vet to attend.

The unnamed dog's ribs, spine and pelvic bones were clearly visible.
The unnamed dog’s ribs, spine and pelvic bones were clearly visible.

A vet who examined the dog advised he was a very thin Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross with his ribs, spine and pelvic bones clearly visible. The vet gave the dog a body score of 1/5 which was deemed excessively thin.

The dog also had fur loss along his tail, head and muzzle. The vet stated the dog was suffering and advised removal.

The dog was voluntarily signed over to the council and successfully re-homed

Sentencing: two-year conditional discharge. Ordered to pay costs of £437.75. Disqualified from keeping or caring for any animals for 10 years.

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  1. This is a disgrace. How can someone be so cruel. Need to make people like this do time. Not a severe enough sentence I don’t think and should never be allowed any kind of animal. Disgusting.

  2. At lest she didn’t starve just the poor dog put her in jail and just give her water no food fat bitch hope the wee dog gets an forever home full of love my cats and my son’s dog are better fed than me lol but that’s wat I want I cud never starve them

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