Millom, Cumbria: Alison Chesterman

#TheList Alison Maria Chesterman, born 16/03/1965. of Victoria Street, Millom Cumbria LA18 5AS – failed to treat her pet dog’s flea infestation

Convicted animal abuser Alison Chesterman pictured outside court
Alison Chesterman kept several cats and a dog in her filthy, flea-infested home. She also failed to treat the dog’s numerous ailments.

Chesterman was found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to her dog, known as Doodles, who was badly affected by flea bites.

RSPCA inspectors who visited Chesterman’s home found that Doodles had extensive fur loss and his skin had become inflamed and darkened. Veterinary examination showed that he was also suffering a heart murmur, arthritis, conjunctivitis and a chronic skin condition.

Doodles was neglected by Alison Chesterman
Doodles was suffering from a painful untreated skin condition but has since recovered in the care of the RSPCA

He was living in an unhygienic environment which smelled of animal faeces and ammonia. Nine cats were also removed from the property

The court heard RSPCA inspectors visited the house a number of times following an anonymous tip-off and urged Chesterman to take Doodles to the vet.

Eventually, Doodles was taken to a vet by the RSPCA after inspectors found Chesterman still had not acted on urgent advice to do so.

Chesterman, who represented herself in court, said she had tried to rehome her dog so Doodles could live away from her flea-infested home but had not found anyone to take him.

Sentencing: four-week curfew. Banned from keeping any animals for just two years.

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  1. She looks a manky dirty bitch so poor dogs and cats lived in her home with poor hygiene and shit everywhere !

    Deserves to wallow in her own filth –

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