Langport, Somerset: Michael John Wade

#TheList Michael John Wade, born 19/04/1978, from Langport, Somerset – starved his pet dog to within 36 hours of death

Michael John Wade of Langport, Somerset
Michael John Wade of Langport, Somerset, left his dog to starve to death

Wade did not give Dora enough food and when the animal was discovered in his house she was lying on the floor in great distress. She was thin to the point of emaciation and was unable to stand.

She was making a distressed wailing noise and in obvious and extreme distress, and when the defendant was interviewed he admitted she was in a “piss poor, pretty bad condition”.

Wade pleaded guilty to a charge that, between August 12 and November 12, 2015, at Langport, he caused unnecessary suffering to Dora by failing to adequately investigate and treat the cause of her weight loss.

After three weeks of being fed and given proper fluids, Dora had gained three kilograms and was described as “bright and alert”.

However, RSPCA inspector Peter Barton confirmed after the court hearing that the dog later started to develop a series of fits and later had to be put down. But he confirmed the fits could not be confirmed as being caused as a result of the neglect.

Defending solicitor Ray Peters said that Wade had gone through a “traumatic” few years in his personal life and was a full-time carer for his partner Kirstie Louise Cox who apparently suffered from mental health problems.

“There came a time when his partner made it clear that she did not like the dog and it ended up being sidelined,” he said.

He said that Wade also claimed he did not have enough money to get the dog treated by a vet and also had no transport.

He added: “However he sincerely regrets what happened as he was very attached to the dog.”

Sentence: eight-week prison sentence, suspended for two years; a total of £180 costs; disqualified from keeping any animals for the next 10 years (expires April 2026).

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