Methil, Fife: Linda McLauchlan

#TheList Linda Alison McLauchlan aka Linda Thomson, born 07/03/1970, previously of  Seaforth Road, Falkirk but now of Main Street, Methilhill, Methil KY8 2DN – pleaded guilty to neglecting her pet dog, Missy, before the dog’s suspicious death in June 2017.

Photo shows animal abuser Linda McLauchlan and the paw of her pet dog Missy, who died in June 2017
Linda McLauclan/Thomson was originally accused of beating her pet dog to death and asphyxiating her with a plastic bag, but her not guilty plea was accepted by the court

McLauchlan was originally accused of battering Missy then suffocating her by wrapping a plastic bag over her head. However, her not guilty plea to causing the dog to die from blunt force trauma and asphyxiation was accepted, and sentencing was for failure to provide proper care.

Dog killer Linda McLauchlan

Scottish SPCA Inspector Louise Seddon said: “The charge was dealt as McLauchlan caused Missy suffering by failing to provide adequate care and veterinary treatment for her health conditions, including a skin condition and overgrown claws.

“Upon veterinary post-mortem examination, Missy was found to have chronic dermatitis and massively overgrown claws, some of them were so long the nails had twisted round into a semi-circle type shape.

“This would have significantly and severely compromised Missy’s welfare over a prolonged period”.

She added: “We welcome the fact that this case has been dealt with by the court and the sentence handed down.

“However it further highlights our push for tougher and more consistent sentencing.

“This level of neglect didn’t happen overnight and could have easily been avoided.”

130-hour community payback order. Five-year ban (unconfirmed).

Falkirk Herald
Scottish SPCA 

We received an email from an animal lover who was in court during Linda McLauchlan’s hearing. This was her report:

I was in court …. Let me tell you this is one cold hearted bitch who sat giggling at other charges brought up for others in front of the judge that day. I’ll tell you exactly what I know. Her neighbour reported her to the SSPCA, after she said she had suffocated the dog using a carrier bag. The dog had died on the 17th June and was removed from her garden on the 22nd by the SSPCA for a post-mortem to be carried out. The dog had suffered for such a long time.

The procurator fiscal read out the SSPCA report stating that the dog was severely malnourished. It had suffered from skin conditions that had gone untreated. Its body was covered in open lesions and the report stated the poor dog’s nails would have caused it excruciating discomfort. They stated it would have been impossible for Missy to stand let alone walk. And the little dog had lay on hard surfaces causing sores on pressure points.

In her defence she had said she had treated the dog for fleas, and it had caused the lesions due to a reaction…. (bullshit).

She failed to produce any evidence that this little dog had been ever registered or taken to any vet.

I sat in court on Thursday, and could hear my own heart beating, I was hoping this bastard would have got a lot more. The judge banned her for five years from keeping any animals and told her to complete a 130 community payback order within 6 months.

Her lawyer was a woman who stated she now lives in Fife and is in a tenancy that doesn’t allow dogs.

When I saw the pictures of Missy’s feet I felt sick to the stomach and wished I’d punched her in the face.

Also in the court, in the SSPCA officers statement it said it was the worst case the officer had dealt with in 17 years.

When the judge asked why she hadn’t sought care for Missy, her defence said she had been on universal credit.

32 thoughts on “Methil, Fife: Linda McLauchlan”

  1. That poor wee dog must have suffered for months if not years and all she gets is 150 hours of community service and no ban so she can do it again, justice system is a joke. 👿👿👿👿

  2. I can’t believe what I just read! The poor little dog suffered God knows what behind closed doors!!! No justice for his extreme suffering… I hope she gets what’s coming to her… People’s justice! Because the law is an absolute joke!

  3. I am utterly disgusted to hear that she got such a lenient sentence,surely she should have been sent to prison for the pain she inflicted on that poor dog, another judge who doesn’t live in the real world I see

    1. As long as the system remains lenient concerning animal abuse and neglect then it’s clearly going to send a message to all who are in the same frame of mind as to think they can get away with it, And the message the courts are sending is that it is ok to abuse,neglect and kill an animal as their lives do not matter, that’s the message that is going out to others. Yes, the system is corrupt and they need to change their laws and policies to match the crimes committed against the welfare and wellbeing of animals.

    2. That’s if she is sober enough to do the community service should have been jail a dogs life is as valuable as a humans totally disgusting , that dog must have been in so much pain it’s so easy to give a dog up for adoption and if you can’t afford veterinary care there is the PDSA they would have helped such a shame in that poor dog

  4. The systems a joke, this is happening too often, this poor defenceless dog clearly had prolonged pain and suffering at the hands of this EVIL owner, and then on top of the cruelty already suffered ended his life battered and strangled ! Banned for 5 year from having pets OMG ! She should be banned for life from being around any vulnerable animal or person for that matter evil is evil and 5 year ain’t gona change that !!!

  5. Such a sad story. Pure evil! Id appreciate if you could remove the address from this post though as she no longer lives at this address as i moved here a couple of months ago with my 6 kids and im worried for their safety as this address has been posted all over the internet.

        1. I think she is in Fife somewhere, that’s where social services took up her case so I presume that’s where she is xx

  6. she should be banded from ever having a pet again a fine a big one at that and how about her being treated the same way as she treated the poor dog but no if it was done to her the person would be jailed where the justise for the poor wee dog

  7. Should of had prison sentence and life long ban from keeping any animal this woman should not be allowed to have any animal ever again cruel vile bitch

  8. she should think shame of herself to put a poor animal through that . shame on you you horrible person . hope you get what you deserve when people realise who you are when your doing your public service .

  9. What an evil wicked bitch she should have been jailed I would love to put a plastic bag over her head and watch her slowly suffocate.

  10. this bitch needs dealt with, justice system is an insult to animals, due to laws being so lenient, it actually allows the sick perversion of these dangers to society, that poor dog suffered for years, and that is all she got, personally i hope she gets recognised and left near dead,jail would be like a holiday camp for the evil bitch

  11. This should be a life time ban our system is so out dated, it’s atroucious that this poor dog had to suffer, because she just didn’t care
    Its so upsetting no dog should have to live or be treated like this, shame on you karma will be calling

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