Malton, North Yorkshire: Jean Simpson

#TheList Jean Audrey Simpson, born 27/04/1958, of Milton Avenue, Malton YO17 7LD – for severe neglect of a Bichon Frise

Neglected bichon frise Oscar
Little Oscar was in an appalling condition following at least two years of neglect by his cruel owner Jean Simpson of Malton in North Yorkshire. The dog originally belonged to Simpson’s son, a convicted paedophile currently in jail for his crimes.

Simpson pleaded guilty to neglect under the Animal Welfare Act. after leaving her Bichon Frise Oscar to suffer unbearable pain. The little dog’s entire body was covered in clumped fur, with infections causing “tar-like gunge” to spread across his face. His fur was so badly matted that vets were forced to remove one of his eyes.

RSPCA Inspector Alice Cooper, who was called to Simpson’s home, said it was clear that “Oscar had extreme and extensive matting over his head, face, ears, legs and feet”

She added: “His ears were two huge clumps of infected matted fur with green, yellow and black tar-like gunge, spreading out of his ears and across the side of his face.

“One eye was completely matted over with fur and the other was crusty with green gunk stuck to the eyeball and surrounding area.

“His legs were solid clumps of thick, tightly packed matts and his feet were now large balls of matted fur. I couldn’t see his foot pads, and I could only see the odd nail poking out the matted ball.

“Oscar was making a whimpering noise and crying out in pain if I tried to stroke him or touch him to assess his condition.”

Neglected bichon frise Oscar was covered in sores, had an inflammation of the ear canal and needed 17 teeth removed
As well as losing an eye, Oscar was covered in sores, had an inflammation of the ear canal and needed 17 teeth removed

Simpson had called the RSPCA to her property to ask them to re-home Oscar because of his poorly ears. But the dog was sedated and vets spent several hours removing the fur – leaving him 1kg lighter by the time they had finished.

Oscar, who was covered in sores, had an inflammation of the ear canal and needed 17 teeth removed. Vets were also forced to remove an eye due to permanent damage caused by the matting which left him blind.

Inspector Cooper added: “These were all health problems that could have been quickly and easily treated if his owner had taken him for veterinary treatment and had him groomed regularly.”

Oscar came to be in Simpson’s care unexpectedly in September 2016 after her predatory paedophile son, Darren Simpson, was sent to prison.

Bichon frise Oscar looking happy and healthy in his new home
Oscar has been rehomed to a couple who adore him

The dog has now been re-homed with a new family after recovering at York Animal Home.

Inspector Cooper said: “Oscar has lost an eye and will need medication for the rest of his life but he’s been lucky enough to find a new home with a wonderful couple who absolutely adore him.

“I appreciate that Ms Simpson didn’t plan on having a dog and that she couldn’t afford to treat him when he needed veterinary care. However, anyone who is struggling to care for their animals needs to ask for help so animals are not left to suffer.”

Sentencing: 12-week prison sentence, suspended for 12 months. Banned from keeping animals indefinitely.

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