Lympstone, Devon: Royal Marine Commando Danny Foster

#TheList Danny Foster, aged 31, of the Royal Marine Commando Training Centre, Exmouth Road, Lympstone, Exmouth EX8 5AR – admitted causing suffering to a puppy whom he kicked and threw onto a pavement

Royal Marine Commando Danny Foster, who drunkenly attacked a helpless puppy
Royal Marine Commando Danny Foster, who drunkenly attacked a helpless puppy

Commando Danny Foster was seen attacking the dog, called Duchy, at a railway station near the Lympstone Commando Training Centre base in April 2018.

A family saw the dog off her lead by Foster’s feet one evening at the railway station shelter and the pup walked off towards the family members.

Foster appeared to be staggering around drunk when he grabbed the puppy and put her under his arm. The court heard that Foster put ‘both his hands around the dog’s neck and his arms were outstretched above his head and he threw the dog to the floor’.

She was thrown ‘two or three yards in front of [Foster] and he went forward and kicked the dog’.

The family shouted ‘oh my God he has thrown the dog’.

Foster then ran off and staggered into a nearby pub and came out carrying the puppy under his arm.

Police were called and Foster was found at the camp’s car park where he shouted abuse at cops and senior Marine officers.

Police used captor spray to subdue him, and he was arrested, but said nothing in interview.

Foster admitted causing unnecessary suffering to the puppy.

Foster was fined £900 and £175 costs.

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