Luton, Bedfordshire: Joyce, Adam and Kyley Davies

#TheList Joyce Davies, born 25/02/1965, and children Adam Roger Davies, born 09/01/1987, and Kyley Joyce Davies, born 06/07/1992, all of 14 Whitecroft Road, Luton LU2 0JS – locked their four dogs in a room to starve

Kyley, Joyce and Adam Davies from Luton, Bedfordshire, UK, were jailed and banned from keeping animals for life after neglecting their dogs to the extent that all four died.
Kyley, Joyce and Adam Davies were jailed and banned from keeping animals for life after neglecting their dogs to the extent that all four died.

Joyce Davies, Adam and Kyley Davies each pleaded guilty to four offences in relation to their dogs Snowdrop, Scooter, Prince and Lucky.

The dogs died after they had been shut away in a room for weeks without food and water, it is thought that as they tried to scavenge and search for food they may have consumed something toxic.

The Davies family neglected dogs Snowdrop, Scooter, Prince and Lucky
The Davies family’s neglected dogs Snowdrop, Scooter, Prince and Lucky

Prosecutor Janita Patel told the court that a report by a vet in the case stated that toxicity is likely to have been the cause of death, but the cause was immaterial to the offences charged, as they related to a prolonged period during which the dogs lost weight and hence found the need to scavenge.

The family took the seriously ill four dogs to an out of hours vet, but when they arrived Snowdrop was already dead, and Scooter had to be put to sleep on welfare grounds as he was too poorly.

Prince was kept in the vets, but sadly died overnight and the family were allowed to take Lucky home as long as they returned to the vet should his condition deteriorate.

Dog killers Adam and Kyley Davies from Luton, Bedfordshire, UK
Dog killers Adam and Kyley Davies

The vet contacted the RSPCA as they were concerned by the emaciated condition of all four dogs and their filthy state, and for the welfare of Lucky who had been taken back by the Davies.

RSPCA Deputy Chief Inspector Mel Fisher and the police attended the family home to check on the welfare of Lucky, but when they arrived he was collapsed, non-responsive and fitting. They took him to the veterinary practice and he too sadly had to be put to sleep because nothing further could be done to save him.

Inspector Fisher said: “Over the years this family have been given advice by the RSPCA and their own vet, regarding the level of care they have been providing for their dogs and we have tried time and time again to work with them.

“But it was all in vain, as they chose to ignore this advice and ignore the welfare of their dogs. They simply just didn’t care enough and shut the poor dogs away in a room and ignored them. Even though they took the dogs for veterinary attention it was too little, too late, and also when they were allowed to take Lucky home with instructions to return if his condition worsened, they didn’t do so.

“I have known all these dogs for a number of years and I was in tears when they had to be put to sleep, yet the family seemed unmoved. I am just heart-broken that these poor dogs suffered. There was even tins of dog food in the house, but the dogs were so emaciated it was clear they had not been fed for a very long while”.

Sentencing: 14 weeks in prison for each offence to run concurrently; ordered to pay £300 costs and a victim surcharge of £115 each. Lifetime ban on keeping all animals.

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  1. Wow. That is such a piss poor sentence for what they did to those poor souls. They should all be jailed for life and starved. See how they like it. Sick fuckers. They deserve to rot in hell. Scum.

    1. They have done their time, three years ago this is and you are still going on about it. Let them get on with their lives and leave them bloody be.

  2. Scumbags need locking in a room and starved to deaths. All three of them look evil. What a joke of a sentence. Those poor dogs.

  3. Disgusting how they treated those poor dogs. The sentence is an absolute joke! They will not learn from this and the system yet again shows how pathetic it really is.

    1. How the hell would you know……..three years on and they are still out and learnt their lesson. This is the past, they did their bloody time, just leave them be and get on with yours, you’re all so pathetic 🙄

  4. You are all judgemental. You don’t know them for who they are, evil????? Maybe you are evil and done worse things in the past, there are more worse cases than this and you are all giving out threats, judgements and criticism. You don’t know the full story, I suggest you need to think before you write or post anything, it’s so pathetic that you are interfering in others situation than your own. That’s how pathetic, you are all are.

  5. Judging by your attitude, moron, you must have a past that has affected you by guilt and me…….a creep??? Lol, is that all you can come up with, you don’t even know them like I do, I’ve known them for years and they are not evil and they didn’t starve the dogs, the RSPCA added that to get the reaction from the public but if you want to believe what it says on this article, that comes up with a load of crap that most of it ain’t true then that is your choice, you idiot. Xx

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