Lurgan, Co Armagh: Kyle Keegan

#TheList Kyle Keegan, born c. 1994, of 7 Gilpins Manor, Lurgan BT66 8AG – filmed himself bludgeoning a 12-week-old puppy to death with a hammer; broadcast the killing on social media

Puppy killer Kyle Keegan of Gilpins Manor, Lurgan, Northern Ireland
Kyle Keegan pictured outside court and his victim, 12-week-old crossbreed puppy Sparky

In a case that has dragged on for several months puppy killer Kyle Keegan finally confessed to his evil crime on 4 June 2019.

He has been bailed to appear for sentencing on 4 July.

Puppy killer Kyle Keegan of Gilpins Manor, Lurgan, Northern Ireland

The court heard how the bloodied remains of the 12-week-old pup, named Sparky, were uncovered in a bin in the Ailsbury Park area of Lurgan after a house party. An initial postmortem on the pup’s remains revealed how she had sustained a number of fractures as well as severe brain trauma.

Puppy killer Kyle Keegan of Gilpins Manor, Lurgan, Northern Ireland

At one stage there had also been allegations that Sparky’s body had been put into a microwave and tissue samples were sent to Scotland for expert analysis but to date, no evidence of that has been forthcoming.

Puppy killer Kyle Keegan of Gilpins Manor, Lurgan, Northern Ireland

Previous courts have also heard how police conducted enquiries with social media outlets after the incident was broadcast online.

Puppy killer Kyle Keegan of Gilpins Manor, Lurgan, Northern Ireland

District Judge Bernie Kelly revealed how she had been sent a photograph of the incident which claimed the life of Sparky the dog.

The judge said: “I’m shocked I’m going to say this but [it was done] for someone’s entertainment.”

“I have been in this post for more than 35 years and I have never in my life come across something as cruel as what’s alleged in this case,” declared Judge Kelly.

Sentencing: to follow on 4 July 2019.

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  1. The evil vile scum inhuman monster you deserve all that is coming your way pure EVIL he will go on to murder humans next poor Sparky please give him the harsher punishment he deserves and when in Jail some animal lover will give you what you deserve a good beaten ,rest in peace Sparky you are at peace now .

  2. I would like to use stronger words for this monster, yes monster he’s not human . Real humans don’t do things like this to innocent animals then it will eventually go onto children yes human children . I truly hope the justice system works for the good this time and this monster doesn’t just get a slap on the wrist . This monster needs jail time . I hear things like this happening a lot . We need the courts to step up and end this vicious cycle . PLEASE and THANKYOU . 🙏🏼

  3. No words to Express for how much anger so many must have for something this WART has done is so humane to that precious Sparky. Send this Creep to prison, and what this Wart did to this puppy needs to be done 7times worse back to him so he feels far worse pain till death.
    Courts need to punish for the sake of JUSTICE being done!!! Maybe cruelty to animals will slow down

  4. People like this are dangerous and need to be identified. I see no reason this man should ever be allowed near animals or children again.

  5. He is a psychopath. You can’t help them. You can’t fix them. They must be purged from the planet so that it may begin to heal.

  6. This vile monster wants hanging upside down from a tree in the the centre of his town , so people can keep swinging him around for a week while throwing choppers at him then when he’s dead chuck him in his perents garden to see what they brought up.

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