Long Buckby, Northamptonshire (now Rugby): Steven P Woodhouse

#TheList airline pilot Steven Paul Woodhouse, born 02/03/1962, formerly of Old Watling Street, Long Buckby, Northants and more recently Foxfield Place, Long Lawford, Rugby, Warwickshire CV23 9BF – drowned his neighbours’ beloved pet dog, Meg, and lied to cover his tracks

Airline pilot Steven Woodhouse of Long Buckby, and Meg, the dog he drowned because of her barking
Airline pilot Steven Woodhouse and Meg, the dog he drowned because of her barking

Border terrier Meg  was bought as a puppy by Steven Woodhouse’s neighbours Alan and Alison Boddington for their late daughter Lauren, who passed away in 2008, aged 10.

Airline pilot Woodhouse claimed he had become fed up of Meg’s “yap, yap, yapping” and drowned her because he “just had to stop the noise”.

Woodhouse used a water butt in his garden to kill the dog on Saturday, July 26, 2014. He then stuffed the body in a bin liner and hid it in his shed.

The court heard he had tried to cut Meg’s microchip out, hacking her body to pieces in the process.

When the Boddingtons asked Woodhouse to check his outbuildings he panicked and hurled the corpse in a hedge.

Next he stashed Meg in a plastic box in his car boot before moving the body to a remote lane. He finally returned it to his shed.

When there was still no sign of Meg two days later, Alison went to confront Woodhouse and found the boot of his VW Golf unlocked.

She said: “I saw Meg’s fur and a knife and rope. I was shaking. I kept saying, ‘I knew he’d done it’.”

Woodhouse initially told police officers he had lost his temper with the dog and dumped her alive two miles away. He prolonged the family’s agony for a further five days before coming clean.

Steven Woodhouse leaving Corby Magistrates court in Northamptonshire after been found guilty of killing a neighbours dog named 'Meg'

Shortly after he killed Meg, the court also heard how the pilot had driven around with the body in the boot of his car, intending to dispose of it.

He even carried out an overnight flight to the Isle of Man with the body still in the car before returning home.

Mum-of-two Mrs Boddington, 48, had spoken of the heartbreak the death of the family pet had caused after the court hearing in December. “She was one of the only memories we had left of our daughter Lauren. There is just something missing in our house now.’’

Mr Boddington said Meg had brought their late daughter companionship during some of her toughest days. “If Lauren was poorly, Meg would lay by her cot. She was just a very kind, sweet-natured dog.”

He added: “She was only a small dog, it’s not like she was a big loud thing that was causing a lot of noise.”

12-week suspended prison sentence; costs of £2,400 and victim surcharge of £180

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