Llanaelhaearn, Gwynned, North Wales: Richard Japheth

#TheList farmer Richard Japheth, born June 1963, of Glanllyn, Llanaelhaearn, Caernarfon LL54 5AY – neglected a herd of cattle

Farmer Richard Japheth from North Wales neglected a heard of cattle
Farmer Richard Japheth was not banned from keeping livestock despite leaving a herd of cattle to their fate in adverse weather.

Richard Japheth was charged following an investigation by Gwynedd Council amid concerns about conditions in which a herd of cattle were being kept.

RSPCA inspectors and officers from the Animal and Plant Health Agency were called to farmland in Rhoslan, near Criccieth , in January 2016, where cows were said to be getting stuck in deep mud after heavy rain. One cow was later put down.

Japheth also admitted failing to dispose of a sheep carcass without undue delay on land at Llanaelhaerarn in January 2016, and failing to register the birth of a calf within the required seven days in December 2015.

He also admitted failing to notify the authorities of the death of animals on his land.

Judge Gwyn Jones said the matters were made more serious because Japheth was an experienced farmer who had been offered advice. He told him: “You could have done more to ensure the welfare of these animals.”

Carys Parry, defending, said her client had done all he could but the wet weather of December 2015 had meant although he carried food to the animals he could not get on the land itself.

She pointed out Japheth had cooperated fully with officials in their investigation and had accepted their recommendations.

Sentencing: 120 hours of unpaid community work; total of £15,000 in fine and costs. No ban on keeping livestock was imposed.

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