Liverpool: Dylan Uttley

#TheList county lines drug dealer Dylan Uttley (also known as Dylan Ojapah), born 09/06/1998, most recent known address Onslow Road, Liverpool L6 3BA – took selfies with a woman’s Lhasa Apso before killing the dog by hanging him

North Wales Police mugshot of Dylan Uttley, also known as Dylan Ojapah.

Dylan Uttley had asked a Peterhead woman if he could use her home to sell drugs – a practice known as “cuckooing.”

Aberdeen Sheriff Court heard that she refused – but left the property to go and stay with a friend.

When she returned the next day, she discovered her home had been broken into – and spotted her beloved Lhasa Apso hanging from a door.

She smashed a window to get in and desperately tried to resuscitate the dog before realising he was dead.

The court heard neighbours heard her screams, and called the police.

Photo of Dylan Uttley

Police searched a property on Seaton Drive in Aberdeen the following month, and came across Uttley.

Fiscal depute Eilidh Wright said: “Photographs of the accused and of the dead dog were recovered.

“An examination established these photographs had been taken at the locus, the first image was a selfie of the accused taken before hanging the dog.”

Uttley, whose address was given in court papers as Polmont YOI, admitted killing the dog.

Photo of Dylan Uttley

He also confessed to supplying cocaine and diamorphine in August and September 2017.

Sheriff Jack Brown locked Uttley up for three years, and told him: “It is evident that you are not at the lowest end of the chain as far as this supply is concerned and you openly accept you employed others to sell drugs.”

He described the killing of the dog as a “singularly evil, callous and barbaric act” which Uttley “compounded by taking photographs of it.”

Sentencing: three years in jail.

Press and Journal

In July 2018 Uttley was locked up for a further three years after being caught dealing crack cocaine in North Wales.

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