Lawrence Weston, Bristol: Katy Gammon

#TheList former trainee solicitor Katy Elizabeth Gammon, born 15/08/1986, currently (September 2019) of Orlebar Gardens, Bristol BS11 0SQ – left a boxer dog to starve to death in an abandoned property.

Former trainee solicitor Katy Gammon and Roxy, the boxer dog she left to starve to death.
Former trainee solicitor Katy Gammon from Lawrence Weston, Bristol, and Roxy, the boxer dog she left to starve to death.

In April 2014 Gammon admitted deliberately locking a 5-year-old boxer dog named Roxy in the kitchen of her former home to die.

Gammon, who had moved in with her mother at the time, continued going to work while her pet slowly starved to death.

Asked in court if she had deliberately locked the dog in the kitchen and left her to die, Gammon replied: ‘Yes, basically.’

Roxy’s body lay undiscovered for another eight weeks, by which time it was so decomposed an RSPCA inspector had to use a snow shovel to pick it up.

Bristol Magistrates’ Court had previously heard that Gammon had confined the dog by tying a rope to the kitchen door handle and fixing it to a hook in the hall.

Roxy had frantically clawed at the door, leaving fragments on the floor, as she tried to escape before her death, which would have taken around six days.

Gammon  lost her position at law firm Lyons Davidson.

Sentence: 18 weeks in prison; banned from owning animals for life

The Independent

2018 update: Gammon is now a single mother with a baby daughter named Isabelle.  The identity of the father is unknown.

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  1. I hope someone ties her up and starves her. I can’t imagine such a cruel sociopath. As my baby mutt lies next to me in bed, I feel sick.

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