Knowle, Bristol: Naomi Knapp

#TheList Naomi Rachel Knapp, born April 1960, of Wingfield Road, Knowle, Bristol BS3 5EQ, but with links to the Somerset village of Congresbury – for cruelty to a Shetland pony

Naomi Knapp
Naomi Knapp is banned from keeping equines until 2025

Knapp, who’s a founder/director of a Bristol-based Christian homeless charity, admitted causing unnecessary suffering to a Shetland pony gelding at Moor View Farm, Congresbury, between January 22 and February 14, 2020.

The fate of the pony is unknown.

Sentencing: community order. Disqualified from keeping equines for five years.

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  1. She also steals from the food bank and treats her tenants really badly. A friend of mine lives in one of her houses and the living arrangements are vile.

  2. This is my Mother’s personal photo! Just because you blurred her face doesn’t make this legal. You have no right to use this!

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