Erdington, Birmingham: Lee Michael Davies

#TheList Lee Michael Davies, born 14/01/1988, previously of South Roundhay, Kitts Green, Birmingham and as of June 2020 of 27 Gravelly Lane, Erdington, Birmingham B23 6UJ – left a 12-week-old puppy in agony with a broken leg

Daisy, victim of dog abuser Lee Michael Davies of Birmingham

Davies left his 12-week-old puppy to suffer with a fractured leg and did not take him to the vets. The cause of the fracture has not, apparently, been explained.

Davies pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to the puppy by failing to provide veterinary care and attention.

When an RSPCA inspector arrived at Davies’s house after a call from a member of the public, the puppy – named Daisy – had a bandage around her front right leg which Davies had put on himself.

RSPCA inspector Jon Ratcliffe, who investigated the case, said: “It was not enough to just a put a bandage on poor Daisy’s leg – this would have done nothing to alleviate the pain she was clearly in.

“When we got her to a vet, she yelped whenever her leg was touched or manipulated. This could easily have been avoided had she just been taken to the vets which was just half-a-mile away.

“If your pet is injured in any way, it is so important to get veterinary treatment for them as soon as possible to prevent them suffering any further.

“Daisy was only a few weeks old when this happened. It is so sad to think that she went through this pain and suffering at the start of her life. Thankfully she has now been rehomed with a family who gives her the love and attention that she deserves.”

Daisy is pictured when she first arrived in the RSPCA’s care, above right, and as she was after treatment.

12-month community order, total of £360 costs and charges; banned from keeping animals for 3 years (expired May 2019).

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