Kingston Upon Hull / Great Bridgeford / Ottringham: Shaun Chapman, Garry Douglas and Terrance Murray

#TheList badger baiters Shaun Chapman, born 12/08/1981, of Rishworth Close, Bransholme, Hull HU7 5BG, Garry Arthur Douglas, born 21/07/1970, most recent known address Railway Cottages, Newport Road, Great Bridgeford ST18 9PR, and Terry Murray, born 1962 but now deceased, from Ottringham

Shaun Chapman, Terry Murray, Garry Douglas
L-R Shaun Chapman, Terry Murray, Garry Douglas

Shaun Chapman, Garry Douglas and Terry Murray were found guilty of a charge of interfering with a badger sett under section 3 of the Protection of Badgers’ Act 1992 following a one-day a trial at Hull Magistrates’ Court in September 2010.

The vile trio had denied disturbing the sett at Sunk Island, East Yorkshire, and claimed they were “bushing” for foxes and rabbits.

They were armed with two shovels, three terriers and an electronic dog collar locator when caught by Humberside Police.

Chapman said his dog, a black Patterdale terrier, had gone into one of the holes of the sett after a fox.

He said he used a digital locator to follow his dog and the men used two spades to dig above the sett.

Douglas had his English bull terrier with him when arrested by the police. He said he had gone to East Yorkshire on invitation having met Chapman at a Welsh game fair. He said he didn’t go anywhere without his dog.

“I went out bushing to bolt a few foxes and rabbits,” said Douglas. “I didn’t dig.” Asked why not he laughed: “I’m too lazy.”

Douglas threw one of the spades away before the men left the area.

Humberside Police helicopter arrived at the scene and officers on the ground arrested the three defendants.

Their activities were captured on the force helicopter’s camera.

District Judge Frederick Rutherford told the men: “I found you approached a live sett knowing at the time it to be active.

“Your intention was to bait or kill animals by digging out the sett with the sole purpose of causing terror to a protected species.

“You had intended to cause extreme cruelty to the animals in this sett.”

Sentencing: 12-week suspended jail sentences; 200 hours of unpaid work; £2,000 each in costs.

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Updates 2020:
Shaun Chapman, who has links to Doncaster, is a self-employed plasterer trading under the name Chapman Contractors.

In December 2011 Terry Murray was killed in a car crash after the vehicle he was travelling in skidded on black ice.

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  1. Please Do Not Employ (Chapman Contractors) Or Have Them Anywhere Near Your Property. Mentally Disturbed Cruel Scum. They Won’t Have Any Luck For What They Have Done, One Is Already Dead.

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