Kingston upon Hull: Chantal Bray and Shaun Matthewson

#TheList Chantal Bray, born 29/04/1973,  and Shaun Matthewson, born 22/10/1982, both of 7 Palmcourt, Orchard Park, Hull HU6 9TH – left their flea-ridden, scab-covered dogs to scratch off their own fur

Dog abusers Chantal Bray and Shaun Mathewson from Hull

Staffordshire bull terriers Madison and Roxy were so infested with fleas they scratched off their fur and were covered in scabs.

When the RSPCA learned of the dogs’ condition, they removed them from the home of Bray and Matthewson.

Seeing the pictures for the first time in Hull Magistrates’ Court, Deputy District Judge Nick Hayles said: “Just to be clear, have these dogs been shaved?”

Chantal Bray

In response, Philip Brown, prosecuting on behalf of the RSPCA, said: “No, your honour. These dogs were scratching themselves so hard that they shed their own skin. Their skin became scabbed, dry and flaky.”

Mr Brown said Madison and Roxy would have suffered for a long period of time. He also described how the owners failed in their duties as pet owners.

“These defendants came to the attention of the RSPCA when a warden visited them to assist them with some cats,” he said. “While in attendance, Bray also asked him to look at her dogs who were having skin problems.

“The warden saw that there were live fleas in both dogs and he gave the defendants the advice that both dogs needed to be given flea treatment. When the inspector returned nine days later, he had the view that the dogs’ condition had deteriorated.”

The warden insisted that immediate vet treatment was necessary and Bray agreed to transfer ownership of Roxy and Madison to the RSPCA.

Bray and Matthewson pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal, contrary to the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

Madison and Roxy have since made full recoveries.

Sentencing: Bray – 12-month community order with 25 days of rehabilitation. Matthewson – 12-month community order including 60 hours of unpaid work and 10 days of rehabilitation. Both – total of £260 costs; banned from owning dogs for four years (expired April 2020).

Original source: Hull Daily Mail (article removed)

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