Kingston upon Hull: Alister Bidwell and Schelby Leyland

#TheList Alister Bidwell, born 01/12/1996, and Schelby Keyland, born 21/01/1996, both of Woolwich Drive, west Hull HU4 7DT – for cruelty towards four cats.

Animal abusers Schelby Keyland and Alister Bidwell of Hull, UK.

Bidwell and partner Keyland, who are parents, caused unnecessary suffering to two cats, named Socks and Donna, by failing to address their poor condition.

They also failed to provide a suitable living environment for four cats – Socks, Donna, Cadbury and Toby.

Finally, they did not provide a suitable diet for Toby and Cadbury.

Sentencing: eight-week prison sentences, suspended for 12 months. He must pay £150 costs and a £115 surcharge; she must pay a £115 surcharge. Both were banned from keeping animals for ten years.


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