King’s Lynn, Norfolk: Scott Michael Doak

#TheList Scott Michael Doak, born c. 1992, of 16 Freiston, King’s Lynn PE30 4RE – beat a mother dog and her puppies; left another to become extremely emaciated.

Thug Scott Michael Doak from King's Lynn and some of the dogs he abused.
Thug Scott Michael Doak from King’s Lynn and some of the dogs he abused.

Backyard breeder Scott Michael Doak was sentenced for causing unnecessary suffering to a Staffordshire Bull Terrier type dog called Rocky by failing to adequately investigate the cause of his poor body condition, and failing to protect Rocky and four Staffy puppies from fleas and worms.

Doak also failed to provide a suitable environment that was clean, of a suitable size and free from hazards.

The RSPCA were first contacted about a male dog and puppies who were all being kept in unreasonable conditions at Doak’s ex-girlfriend’s property.

The dogs were found in the bathroom with lots of mess and a chewed up disposable razor. Staffy Rocky was also incredibly emaciated.

Abused dog Lily
Abused dog Lily has recovered well despite her horrific ordeal at the hands of brutal thug Scott Doak

The RSPCA took the dogs into their care but then received a further call to say that Doak had been beating another Staffy called Lily, who was used for breeding, and her young puppies which were being kept at another address.

Doak was also sentenced for causing unnecessary suffering to Lily and her puppies Millie, Penny and Lizzie, after he kicked and threw them across the room.

Sentencing: 26 weeks’ imprisonment and a one-year supervision order; £116 victim surcharge. Disqualified from keeping all animals for 25 years.

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