Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire: Thomas McKnight

#TheList Thomas McKnight, born c.1965, of St Andrews Walk, Kilmarnock KA1 3HQ – failed to take dog that had been injured by boiling water to the vet for five days

Thomas McKnight from Kilmarnock was banned from keeping animals after dog his was found covered in burn wounds
Thomas McKnight from Kilmarnock was banned from keeping animals after his dog was found covered in burn wounds

The court heard how, on July 16, 2018, McKnight called the Scottish SPCA helpline to request assistance.

He told operators he had spilled boiling water on Springer spaniel Bobby five days earlier, and – because he couldn’t afford vet fees – he had tried to treat the dog’s wounds at home.

He also told the call handler Bobby’s situation was “getting worse” as the wounds had blistered and become infected, with the dog said to be “in pain”.

Wounds: The neglected dog's burns were matted with hair and heavily infected.

McKnight was looking for the SSPCA to treat the dog and said he would give up ownership of Bobby.

The SSPCA inspector visited McKnight’s home later that afternoon where he found the dog to be “subdued, weak and lethargic.”

Bobby had bandages covering his torso and most of his back. The inspector tried to remove the bandages to see the wound, but was only able to remove one as the other was stuck to the dog’s skin and this was causing him pain.

Neglect: Dog was found covered in blistering burn wounds.

Bobby was taken to a local vet where he was given pain relief, general anaesthetic and antibiotics.

It was stated that the wounds would likely take “some time” to heal.

It was the SSPCA inspector’s view that the dog was subject of “unnecessary suffering” and McKnight was cautioned and charged.

Defending, Gillian Swanney told how the dog had now been treated, made a full recovery and been re-homed.

Ms Swanney told how McKnight had been cooking in the kitchen on the day of the incident, and the dog came in and “startled” him whilst he had the kettle in his hand.

She added, McKnight immediately took the dog outside and poured water over him. He then bought bandages and antiseptic powder to try to treat the dog’s wounds.

However, over the days, the condition deteriorated.

Swanney confirmed McKnight had “no intention to get another dog.”

Sheriff Michael Hanlon said: “I’ll take into account that this incident began by an accident.”

Sentencing: fined £300 to be paid at £10 per fortnight, Banned from owning any animal for three years.

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