Keighley, City of Bradford: Gary Bell

#TheList Gary David Bell, born 09/09/1969, of 54 Coronation Way, Keighley BD22 6HH – forced his pet dog to have a bath in bleach, rubbed it into her eyes and battered her over the head repeatedly

Pictured is convicted dog abuser Gary Bell and the dog he abused and battered, American bulldog Smiler.
Sick Gary Bell forced his pet dog to have a bath in bleach and rubbed it into her eyes

Gary Bell battered and abused nine-year-old American bulldog Smiler, leaving her bloodied and barely conscious in the bathroom

RSPCA inspectors were called to Bell’s home over concerns for the dog’s welfare.

They attended the property with police and could hear heavy breathing through the ground-floor bathroom window.

RSPCA inspector Sarah Bagley said: “I was horrified to see Smiler in the bath with a bloodied tea towel on her head.

“A friend of Bell’s let us into the property and we found Smiler barely conscious. She and the bath were wet and there was a bottle of human shampoo and Flash household cleaner which appeared to have been used on her.

The gentle dog was found bloodiedand barely c onscious in Gary Bell's bath
The gentle dog was found bloodied and barely conscious in Bell’s bath

“Between us we were able to get her out of the flat and I rushed her straight to a local vet practice.

“By the time I got her there her eyes were swollen shut. She was found to have multiple injuries including two large wounds to the top of her head which needed to be stitched, bruising to the head and a loose tooth that needed to be removed. Her eyes were flushed to get rid of any cleaning product.”

America bulldog Smiler was repeatedly beaten and mistreated by her owner
American bulldog Smiler was repeatedly beaten and mistreated by her owner

A veterinary examination ruled that the injuries were not accidental and attempts to clean Smiler afterwards would have caused pain and suffering.

Smiler spent a week under treatment and supervision at the vets during which time she slowly started to physically recover.

Pictured is Smiler  following her recovery
Smiler looking healthy and well following weeks of treatment by the RSPCA

Bell, who has previous convictions for assault and heroin possession, was convicted of causing unnecessary suffering to the dog by inflicting trauma on her, failing to provide veterinary attention for her injuries and applying cleaning products to her head and eyes.

He was due to attend Bradford Magistrates Court on January 7, but failed to appear and was arrested on warrant.

Inspector Bagley said: “Bell didn’t offer any plausible explanation for Smiler’s predicament – in interview he said that she had probably cut her head on barbed wire during a walk in the woods.

“She is recovering well, gaining weight, her skin and coat are improving and she seems to be a much brighter, happier dog. The cherry eye is being monitored on vet advice at the moment.

“Smiler is currently being cared for by the great staff at RSPCA Sheffield where everyone absolutely loves her and she will be put up for adoption soon.

“She is a very sweet dog who loves people and I can’t wait to hear that she’s thriving in a loving new home.”

Sentencing: 16 weeks in prison. Disqualified from keeping animals for life.

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45 thoughts on “Keighley, City of Bradford: Gary Bell”

  1. This it’s the worst cruelty I have ever read about this man should I went to prison for a very very long time absolutely disgusting hope this don’t get some justice poor baby.!

    1. At least we have his address, and how long the sentence will be, hope he has eyes in the back of his head, because Damocles sword his hanging over him

    2. This man who inflicted crualty like that on a vunrable animal only got 16 weeks in Prison? I think Cruelty to animals should have taugher sentence. I really hope this man gets what he deserves when in prison.

  2. Gary Bell your time on this earth is done and Karma is just around the corner for you after doing what you did to this Beautiful innocent animal, who only asked for Love, protection and understanding. How can you live with yourself? Until man themselves treat all animals with love, compassion and understanding, He himself will Never find peace. Que Sera Sera.

  3. He is Mentally Disturbed, and obviously needs to be Committed To A Mental Institution. Personally I Do Not think Prison is the the correct place for him.

    1. Not sure this Vile behaviour can be blamed on a mental health imbalance?
      He’s nothing but a bully, beating something or someone that can’t fight back. Weak, pathetic and I seriously hope he gets what he deserves 😡😡

      1. I know him, Im ashamed to say and he definitely has no mental health problems, hes just a cruel b*****d.

  4. Sick twisted scum.
    Hope the prison inmates read this and give the sick bastard a nice long bath in bleach and boiling water.
    Would probably improve his looks!
    Or do the world a favour and give the heroin junkie scum a fix cut heavily with bleach powder!!
    Why do scum like this always get a pathetic prison sentence of weeks instead of the years or life sentence they deserve?
    He’d get longer for a repeat shoplifting offence, our “justice” system is disgusting.
    So good to see Smiler making such a good recovery, hope she gets the loving home she so much deserves soon

    1. This is a despicable crime 16 wks , nxt is it a child your child because scum like him don’t care , well you wanker bell , ur names bell and your bell is tolling because I bet there’s some brilliant men who like me love there dogs and all animals , who wouldlove to have a lovely chat with you , tell us about how you was abused , turned to drink don’t work your a horrible piece
      of crap, come lads of Yorkshire give him a shoulder to cry on , ALF is watching

  5. Absolutely disgusting!!! You horrible piece of scum, Iv read you got 16 weeks jail !!! Where the hell is the justice in that, but I do hope whilst your in prison you get the worst treatment by your fellow inmates……….. I’m Just happy the dog made a good recovery

    1. Love It……. Poor Dog hope he gets good Home… And hope He get his welcome home Party…..Hope it goes off with a BIG BANG

  6. I agree with you Dave, let’s hope the sick MF gets his just desserts in prison. Let’s hope someone gives him a bath in bleach.


  8. I would hope that the community of Yorkshire would find there ability for some self justice. No god would blame you for a little eye for an eye justice. Gary david bell, watch your back you piece of shit.

  9. 16 weeks of jail for a lifetime of pain for the dog? Doesn’t seem fair.. the only suitable punishment would be to beat the man within an inch of his life and then dump bleach on him and rub it into his eyes. Do not do to others what you don’t want done to you.

    And if he survives, throw him into a cell with a bunch of animal loving convicts and let justice be served.

  10. He needs the same thing done to him and worse and the death sentence. Evil evil coward , sporn of Satan that doesn’t deserve air !!!!!! How can the courts give him next to nothing. Are they sociopaths too ? Letting evil walk this earth ! I’d love to adopt this dog and give the most loving home ever. , my home is already a zoo 😀. I’ll make contact. This dog needs so much time love and care beach days field days play days other dogs to play with , and the most wonderful life ever to try and help get past the evil evil evil abuse !!! I think the professionals where the poor dog is being cared for will want a one dog home. I hope this isn’t the case. I have all sorts of dogs and horses that didn’t even care for eachother much at first but now they wouldn’t be without eachother. ♥️

    1. Hopefully he is getting the welcome to prison from the other inmates that he deserves, I’m sure there are plenty of proper hard men in prison who are as sickened as everybody else with what he did.
      And of course his “welcome home” party on his release!!!
      Your place sounds like paradise for animals, it’s good to see there are kind decent caring people like yourself in the world, it’s so refreshing after reading about the scum we all regularly see on here.
      I hope the rescue centre allow you to take Smiler home to join the happy little gang of friends, she so deserves the happy life you have described with a loving and caring new owner.

  11. 16 weeks is actually disgusting!!! These vile scum should be removed from this earth! There are millions of people that need pet/animal abuse recognised the same as child abuse! They have no voice and never ever dserve this treatment! It’s time to listen to what we want! He needs a bullet to the head!!!!

  12. Please please please – anyone who lives near and sees that bastard. Please, beat the fucker senseless and let him know why!!! If it was here in Belfast, we’d (at least) smash both legs and both arms with a baseball bat! Please someone do the same if they see him!!

  13. 16 weeks. Hope that is time enough that he gets shanked (stabbed); hopefully it’s repeated a hundred times.
    Die you POS
    A hater of abusers in America

  14. I’m so incensed by this and hope he gets so much worse treatment in prison.
    I just don’t understand why, why anyone would do this, to a no doubt loving and loyal dog.
    Hope the bastard gets his commupence.

  15. I’m sorry but I know people with serious mental health issues, people who have been abused themselves and still would never hurt an innocent animal or child. There is no excuse for this behaviour and I dor one would watch these people be tortured for causing such pain and suffering. If this was a child found in such a state he would have a longer sentence, but any animal is innocent they do not defend themselves and if this dog bit him she would have been destroyed. I’m ashamed to live in such a world of suffering caused by humans! I hope somebody seriously sorts him out! Rant over!

  16. This May be banned for life but that does not help protect other dogs and the prison sentence was laughable there has been research into serial killers and the result that came out was that 90% were cruel to animals so we know what this is going to result in I just hope nobody will not take the law into their own hands because ludicrously they will get a much longer sentence than he did 😡😥

  17. This has really upset me this morning, reading about this. I have no words really for why a human could do such a disgusting terrible thing. Karma will come for you Gary David Bell – we all see the scum that you are. So glad Smiler is doing so well, those photos have broken my heart – there NO excuses for this. NONE.

    1. It shows what this World is Coming to, We love Dogs
      and to see this is so Disgusting no words for a person
      who Hurts any Dog Cat or Animal in Life…
      When you see People who Hurt A Dog it Makes me think
      they should be given at least 5 to 10 years behind Bars
      They are the Pits of Hell and i Hope that where they end up
      Wicked evil Man

  18. Bell you wicked little Bastard I’d fukin leather you if I ever came across you
    What goes around comes around and you’ll get your comeuppance shithouse!!!
    Smiler must have been terrified of you …..
    Hope you find a loving new family and home who will give you all the love and affection you deserve you Beautiful girl I’d take you Home in a Heartbeat

  19. Clearly the judge that sentanced him does not know how to do his job properly 16 fucking weeks arh makes me so angry if i see this cunt on the street ill batter him like serriously i hope he gets ass raped with a rusty pipe and his necked snaped in prison dirty scumbag!!!!!!!😠😠😠😠

  20. He’s an absolute drain on society. I’ve seen where he lives. He probably doesn’t work so will be on benefits and us, the tax payer, will be funding that, plus his rent for his council property, and also feeding his drug habits, I dare say!

    If I was him, I don’t think I’d ever turn back up at home again! Really hope he gets what’s coming to him.

    On a separate note, that poor beautiful dog, nice to hear a good recovery is on the cards and fingers crossed that some family will be so lucky to have the opportunity to re-home this animal, and hopefully they’ll find their forever home in a loving environment!

  21. When he gets out of prison I can only hope he gets the same treatment done to him.He deserves it.when he could do that to a beautiful harmless dog 🐕 then he could do it to a human being. What goes around comes around.

  22. I know this man and he certainly didn’t come across to us that he’d be capable of this. We all thought he was lovely. Just glad Smiler is away and thriving.

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