Horton, Slough: Clint Rimanoczy

#TheList Clint Rimanoczy, born c. 1989, of Milton Close, Horton, Slough SL3 9PP – cut off the ears and tails of two puppies

Clint Rimanoczy (misspelt as Rimanaczy in linked article) was sentenced at Slough Magistrates’ Court on Friday, December 8, 2017, for carrying out a prohibited procedure on an animal.

The charge relates to an incident on November 23, 2016, involving the cutting off of the ears and tails of two cane corso puppies.

Rimanoczy also admitted to a separate charge of removing whole/part of a dog’s tail and a third charge of causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal by failing to seek veterinary assistance.

18 weeks in jail.  Costs/charges of £7,056.28. Banned from keeping animals for 20 years. His dog and her two puppies were taken away from him.

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