Hayes, Greater London: travellers leave behind a dead dog

Hayes’ Park House Football Club expressed its disgust after a dog that had been beaten to death was left behind by travellers

File photos. Spaniel shown was rescued from a travellers site in Esholt, Shipley, in 2016
File photos. Spaniel shown was rescued from a travellers site in Esholt, Shipley, in 2016

Up to 40 caravans set up camp at the club’s pitches in Barnet Wood Road on Friday (August 17,  2018) after cutting locks off two gates.

A spokesman for Park House Football Club said: “Two people tried to stop them but they were threatened with death.

“They also said they would set fire to our club.”

Club representatives arrived the next morning when “donuts were thrown” at their cars as they endured a tirade of abuse.

During the incursion the clubhouse was smashed into and goods taken before police removed the travellers later that day.

The club spokesman added: “There was huge rubbish left behind, human excrement and a dog who was beaten to death in a field.

The dog was believed to be a terrier and the RSPCA has collected the remains.

Meantime, a charity called Friends, Families and Travellers slammed the local authority for seeking a High Court injunction and argued some travellers have no choice but to stay on illegal land.


18 thoughts on “Hayes, Greater London: travellers leave behind a dead dog”

    1. I always have much sympathy of the treatment gypsy travellers receive but when I see this type of behaviour and cruelty to animals, god loving people they say, well god won’t look down on you without anger and disgust at such cruelty.
      Friends, families and Travellers whats your opinion on this abysmal behaviour how can you fight for these peoples rights when they have no respect for nobody, inflict such cruelty on animals, leave such mess and think it is their right, your elders would never have behaved so badly and would look down on your behaviour.
      You tarnish the name of a the genuine traveller community.

    1. My sentiment exactly. They caused damage to enter the site, threatened workers with their life, broke in and stole from the club house and beat a dog to death. No wonder they get bad press and so they should. The law needs to get tough, they do as they please on other people’s land and leave all their shit behind for someone else to clear up. Makes me very angry.

    2. Probably nothing. Like all such organisations they’re grievance mongers. They encourage travellers to feel victimised while ignoring the genuine concerns of the wider communities that have to put up with their almost universally appalling behaviour.

    1. It’s in the hands of the RSPCA so I would imagine they’ll scan for a chip and contact any owner identified. If not, then hopefully they’ll make an appeal if they suspect the dog has been stolen.

  1. To think that WW2 was fought, costing the lives of 363000 servicemen & women, so that vagabonds & thieves would have more rights that ordinary English people

    1. Travellers scream ‘racism’ if you pull them up for their appalling behaviour. They are literally getting away with murder and no one in charge seems to care.

  2. Only animals there are the travellers. They seem to be getting worse no matter what area they are in. You upset 1 then the whole clan there. They do something to you police need armed police to go on site. It’s time the old ones lay their law down or the law as got to change for travellers. RIP likkle furbaby sorry this world was cruel to you xx

  3. they have no choice but to stay on illegal land……mmmmm, if they paid tax they wouldn’t have to……..BOLLOCKS !!!!

  4. Disgusting but what they expect so called travellers do as they like nolaw for them arrogant cruel and get away with the lot pay no taxes. Never mind comment that says forced to invade people’s land. Dirty thieving lot. So sorry for club people involved I work in animal rescue in Ireland know them well. Dog poss cocker spaniel poss stolen please update outcome ann

  5. These despicable morons should be caught & made to clear up their own rubbish, then prosecuted for all the damage & theft they did, & the poor dog they killed. Hopefully they would end up in jail, that should send a clear message to the rest of the morons. Please don’t call them animals, they’re not, animals would never behave like these despicable sub humans.

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