Hartlepool, County Durham: Natasha Corbett

#TheList Natasha Kaye Corbett, born 16/02/1988, of Meryl Gardens, Stockton Road, Hartlepool TS25 2PL – neglected and starved two dogs kept in pens in an outbuilding.

Convicted animal abuser Natasha Corbett from Hartlepool

Single mother Natasha Corbett pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to a dog called Lucky and of failing to ensure the welfare of a second dog, Otis.

The court heard vets found Lucky had a body condition score of 1 out of 9, along with painful, matted fur and Otis was significantly underweight with a score of 2 out of 9.

Pictured is Lucky after she'd been shaved to remove painful matted fur
Lucky had to be shaved to remove painful matted fur

Stewart Heywood, prosecuting, said an RSPCA officer attended Corbett’s house in early October 2019 after concerns were raised about the dogs’ welfare.

He said the dogs were being kept in metal pens inside an outbuilding and the officer could see they needed immediate vet care.

The prosecutor said: “She said she relied on the children to feed both the dogs, but admitted she did not check they were doing so.”

Pictured is neglected dog Otis.
Otis was underweight due to not being fed properly

He said Corbett was given an RSPCA caution in 2018 after she admitted causing unnecessary suffering to a number of puppies.

A spokesman for the probation service said Corbett, a former pupil at Manor College of Technology, is a single mother and works full time as a senior sales assistant for BrightHouse.

He said her two sons, aged nine and 11, were given the responsibility of caring for the dogs.

Convicted animal abuser Natasha Corbett from Hartlepool

He said: “Ms Corbett now recognises that the responsibility to care for the dogs was her own.

“Due to her ignorance and lack of finance the dogs were not cared for as they should have been.

“She feels guilty about what happened.”

Andrew Teate, defending, said the dogs had been brought into the family by Ms Corbett’s former partner who was then sent to prison.

He said Ms Corbett’s cats were well looked after and the RSPCA had no issues with their care.

He said: “The children were caring for the animals, she accepts with the benefit of hindsight that was unsatisfactory.”

Sentencing: 12 weeks in prison, suspended for 12 months; four-week curfew. Banned from keeping all animals for ten years. Deprivation order on her cats.

Hartlepool Mail

Additional information:
Natasha Corbett Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tashacorbett88/

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  1. Stupid dumb cruel bitch, it’s only because she appeared on here the same time as Debbie Wills (next post) she’s getting off so lightly with comments, more than she deserves.
    Why the fuck even have dogs if you’re just going to keep them locked up like concentration camp victims all the time??
    They should be part of the family, not prisoners in cages
    And how can she NEVER check on them??
    This didn’t just happen overnight, it would have taken weeks for them to get in that state, and it’s not her first cruelty offence either
    All she had to do if she couldn’t cope was rehome the dogs with any rescue centre, is she really that stupid or dumb ??
    Luckily, animals are now safe from her braindead clutches for 10 years now, should have been for life though, if she hasn’t developed any brain cells by her 30s she isn’t suddenly going to grow any by her 40s!!!!
    Does anybody know how the dogs are now doing and if they have found a new home with a loving caring owner with brain cells in their head?

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