Hamilton, South Lanarkshire: Gail Gartshore

#TheList Gail Gartshore, born c. 1969, of Farm Road, Hamilton ML3 – left her elderly dog suffering with large tumour

Gail Gartshore failed to seek veterinary treatment for her dog Paddy's many health issues
Gail Gartshore failed to seek veterinary treatment for her dog Paddy’s many health issues

Gartshore pleaded  guilty to failing to seek advice from a vet for her dog Paddy’s multiple health issues including a large growth on his head.

Emma Sergeant, Scottish SPCA inspector, said: “Paddy had a large facial tumour which covered a significant section of his head.

“There was a complete disregard for any basic grooming as his coat was matted to the point that he had extreme difficulty walking and couldn’t even see.

“Paddy’s body condition was so striking and distinct to the point that any dog owner should have recognised the urgent need for veterinary attention.

“Sadly, as Paddy’s condition had developed into such a state, the decision was made, by a veterinary professional, that the kindest thing was to put him to sleep.

“We welcome the fact that Gartshore has been dealt with by the court and the sentence handed down. We hope she will give serious consideration about her suitability to care for other animals in the future.”

£220 fine. Three-year ban on keeping animals.


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