Grosmont, North Yorkshire: Mandy Allinson and Michael Connolly

#TheList Mandy Allinson, born c. 1967, and Michael ‘Mick’ Connolly, born c. 1963, both of Fotherley Farm, Grosmont, Whitby YO22 5QJ – kept dogs and cats in “squalid and horrific” conditions

Puppy farmers Mandy Allinson and Michael Connolly from Grosmont, Whitby, North Yorkshire

Animals in the care of Mandy Allinson and Michael Connolly lived in their own excrement in a filthy barn at their farm near Whitby.

The pair admitted three breaches of the Animal Welfare Act 2006 in relation to two pet dogs, plus 18 other dogs and three cats not provided with a suitable living environment.

Police and RSPCA inspectors were alerted to the farm after a number of people bought puppies which fell ill or were found to be riddled with worms or fleas.

And they discovered dozens of animals being kept in appalling conditions at what was found to be an unregistered, unlicensed business.

A dog in the care of puppy farmers Mandy Allinson and Michael Connolly from Grosmont, Whitby, North Yorkshire

The court heard a cocker spaniel called Dexter was barely recognisable because his severely-matted fur made him look like “a big ball of fur”.

He had to be anaesthetised to be clipped by a vet, and the fur removed weighed 1.4kg.

Dogs in the care of puppy farmers Mandy Allinson and Michael Connolly from Grosmont, Whitby, North Yorkshire

The court heard that the animals got into that state because Allinson and Connolly suffered a variety of health problems, including diabetes and depression.

Speaking after the hearing RSPCA Inspector Claire Little, who led the investigation, said: “We received a number of calls from members of the public who had bought puppies from the premises and, once home, they’d fallen ill or their new families had discovered they were riddled with fleas and worms.

“This couple were running an unregistered, unlicensed business breeding dogs and they were not properly protecting the dogs’ welfare and health.”

When officers raided the property they found 40 dogs and puppies, three cats and a guinea pig at the address. All of the animals were removed.

“The puppies were all being kept inside the house while the adult dogs were kept out in a barn,” Inspector Little added.

“It was cold, dark, dank and filthy in the barn. Some dogs were kept in cramped, dirty cages stacked on top of each other, while other dogs were in disgusting kennels covered in dirt and faeces. It absolutely stank inside the barn, it was hell.

“The dogs were yellow with urine stains and covered in fleas. Many were riddled with worms and suffering from nasty diseases like giardia, campylobacter and coccidia.”

French bulldogs, collies, cocker spaniels, poodles and fashionable crossbreeds, such as cockerpoos, were taken into RSPCA care.

“This couple were clearly trying to cash in on the popularity of designer dogs such as cockerpoos but they were failing to meet these dogs’ basic needs and many were seriously poorly,” Inspector Little said.

“It was overcrowded, the disease control was poor and many of the dogs had matted coats and untreated open wounds. The floor was caked in faeces and water bowls were empty and upturned.

“Some had nasty skin infections and had made themselves bleed from constant scratching. One of the dogs had almost 2kg of matted fur removed.”

Grim conditions at the puppy farm run by  Mandy Allinson and Michael Connolly from Grosmont, Whitby, North Yorkshire

A guinea pig was found in a cage in one barn and three cats were found running loose in another barn on the site.

Sentencing: 10-week prison term, suspended for a year. Banned from keeping cats for seven years.

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23 thoughts on “Grosmont, North Yorkshire: Mandy Allinson and Michael Connolly”

    1. This is a load of rubbish.what is wrong.with the judge who gives theese ban.should be for all who causes suffering to.animals.

  1. Sadly one of the dogs recovered was one they got from me.
    She was well thought of breeder of cockerpoos. Just shows what you can hide.
    Rspca would not let me have pup back. Was only 5 months old. Refused to let me know where she went.

  2. They are laughing about this. They have recently got another spaniel and have called it Karma. I saw a post from that woman Alison asking a friend if she could guess why she chose the name. The answer was ‘ payback’. Despicable! Appalling that they are setting up again. Many disgusted locals are keeping an eye on them.

        1. Where is your ‘turn the other cheek’ or how many times should I forgive them? Perhaps if you remembered that human beings are animals too you would be more forgiving and stretch out your hand to make change rather than to accuse

  3. Disgusting.
    Why on earth are these people allowed to breed dogs again??
    They should have been banned for life from keeping animals!!

  4. Vile people, never let them have any animal again and would like to see jail sentence ,there getting away with it its not acceptable, let’s keep them in same condition

  5. Again and again the public are duped into buying a puppy farm reared puppy! Buying a dog is not like buying a car or any other inanimate object! Any breeder worth their salt will interview you to see if you are suitable for their precious puppies! You will meet friendly, clean and happy parents, you will need to visit a few times to meet the puppy, you might not get one if you aren’t suitable! Accept this if a good breeder says this, we don’t say it lightly. A well bred puppy will give you a lifetime of joy and a good breeder will always be at the end of the phone to advise you throughout your new best friends life, and will even take it back if needs be.

    People such as these total scumbags do not deserve to breathe the same air as dogs, they deserve utter misery like these poor animals received in their ‘care’

    It’s down to the public to STOP BUYING THEM! Then they will stop breeding!

  6. Disgusting, 10 week prison sentence suspended for a year? banned from keeping cats for seven years? not good enough such vile sick people, I would like to see the judges live in these horrible environments maybe they would give a better harshEr jail sentence, no justice at all for these poor innocent animals

  7. I wish I could post the picture of the poor horse I found they had locked in a small garage kept it closed in for 4 months stood in its own mess till I accidentally found it and reported it…. the justice system is a joke and they are laughing about it now it’s disgusting

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