Grimsby, Lincolnshire: Aaron Williamson

#TheList Aaron James Williamson, born 12/08/1999, of 33B Westerdale Way, Grimsby DN37 9BY – subjected a kitten to regular beatings and bit off his ear

Kitten abuser Aaron James Williamson from Grimsby and his victim, Litten

Aaron Williamson was banned from owning animals for life after a court heard about his sickening catalogue of abuse against the young cat, known as Litten.

The thug admitted he had lost count of how many times he had punched Litten, and said he did so whenever he was angry. He also bit the kitten’s ear multiple times, removing most of it.

Williamson admitted one offence of causing unnecessary suffering to a kitten. Sentencing William, the judge described his actions as “sickening”.

The RSPCA confirmed three kittens were rescued from Williamson’s home on September 11, 2019, following a tip-off.

Kitten abuser Aaron James Williamson from Grimsby

RSPCA inspector Kate Burris said: “Williamson tortured this kitten. He admitted repeatedly biting Litten’s ear, which resulted in the loss of most of it, and that he had lost count of the times he had punched Litten. He said he did it when he was angry.

Kitten abuser Aaron James Williamson from Grimsby

“District Judge Curtis said his daily abuse of small, defenceless animals who were unable to harm him and were at his mercy was sickening.

“He said that Williamson had called himself a monster in interview, and that was accurate as to how he behaved.

“We are extremely grateful to the witnesses who contacted us, and got these kittens out of this situation despite the position that put them in. It was very brave.

“I was surprised how friendly Litten was when I first met him given the abuse he had suffered, he was so affectionate and loving and was rubbing his face against mine during his veterinary examination.

“I just knew he was going to make a perfect addition to any family.

Abused kitten Litten, renamed Oreo
The abused kitten’s new family have said that he is doing ‘fantastic’ and is ‘absolutely adorable and really good-natured’.

“I am so happy that he has found a fantastic new home, with people who love him and are caring for him in the way he always should have been cared for. It could have been a very different outcome for him if we hadn’t been able to intervene when we did.”

Williamson’s two other kittens found a new home together in Derbyshire.

Sentencing: 12 weeks in jail. Ordered to pay £250 costs and a £120 victim surcharge. Lifetime ban on keeping animals.

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  1. You Are (A Sad Mentally Disturbed Young Man).
    I am absolutely heartbroken reading this, as I have a Cat Rescue personally. You got off lightly with such a short prison sentence. You Will Not Have Any Luck In Life, For What You Have Done, and Any Decent Person Will Not Want To Know You, Only Scum Like Yourself.

  2. ABSOLUTE ROTTEN EVIL B*****D. Apparently, the three poor kittens involved often defecated themselves around this individual. I am OUTRAGED.
    As an animal lover and cat owner myself, I only pray that this cowardly piece of FILTH becomes a marked “man”, using that term loosely. Animal abusers are lower than child murderers.

  3. It’s reality. 21st century is declared “insanity”. It’s the youths who we need to change, educate, compassion, empathy towards animals. He should have to we irk and clean at an animal shelter if he gets out. The youth feel entitled and have lacked respect for anything or anyone.

    This epidemic is a wake up call for all of us to reflect on what you could do to make change? Maybe some need to make change in different ways. The time he gets in jail….better make sure you don’t drop the soap 😆

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