Glynneath, Neath Port Talbot: Greg Phillips

#TheList Greg Phillips, born January 1980, of Ynyslas Crescent, Glynneath SA11 5LB – repeatedly punched his cocker spaniel

Greg Phillips, who was caught on camera launching a brutally violent attack on his helpless dog
Greg Phillips was caught on camera launching a brutally violent attack on his helpless dog

Phillips was caught on dashcam footage shoving his dog into the back of his car outside a shop on Pentre Street, Glynneath, Neath Port Talbot, on 31 March, 2020.

Dashcam footage showed him grabbing hold of the dog as she jumped out of his car when he went to put a crate of beer on the back seat.

Greg Phillips' three dogs, including the cocker spaniel he attacked
Greg Phillips’ three dogs, including the cocker spaniel he attacked

He then punched her several times, before throwing her into the boot along with other dogs, and then striking her again.

Passers-by can be heard hooting their car horns and shouting at him to stop.

RSPCA Inspector Keith Hogben said: “In broad daylight and with people all around, this poor dog was beaten by his owner, who clearly had no regard for his legal responsibilities towards his animal.

“Fortunately, the dashcam footage helped us to identify this individual and ensure we could take action.

“Clearly, this is no way to treat an animal, and thankfully, the vast majority of people across south Wales and beyond will be shocked by this footage, and the beating this poor cocker spaniel was subjected to.”

Sentencing: 150 hours of unpaid work; a total of £390 costs and charges. No ban or deprivation order.

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44 thoughts on “Glynneath, Neath Port Talbot: Greg Phillips”

  1. What a joke this law is as an animal lover he should be banned from keeping any animal ever🤬 I hope they dogs were taken off this waste of oxygen

    1. He should have got longer and a bigger fine, hope he does not treat his kids like that, the great big bully , you should be banned from owing dogs or any animal

      1. Well this is how people start with abusing animals. Most obviously have a temper and yes then go to jail for child abuse. Happens all the time sadly

    2. Absolutely he should have been put in jail with the key thrown awAy the law needs to change it’s so out of date

    1. I wish that he could ROT IN HELL!!! He should NEVER be allowed to own another dog or any other animal ever again. And what a pathetic sentence he got!!! I lost my beloved Cocker Spaniel last year and would love to give one of these beautiful dogs a loving home!!! He does not deserve to even draw breath!!!

    2. Scum he needs a good kicking see how it feels he should be banned for life from having animals where are the three spaniels?social services should be alerted to protect the children

  2. WHY in hell has he been allowed to keep those poor dogs! If he does that in public, what the hell does he do to them in private? This is NOT justice at all! Its bloody disgusting!

  3. What is wrong with this country the laws need to be changed. I thought we were a nation of dog lovers. This sick bastard shouldn’t be allowed to go anywhere near a dog again or any animal.

  4. What has happened to these poor dogs? Are they still with him? And £390!!!! Fine!!!! Are you fuckin kidding me??????
    If tbis is what he does in public to rhese dogs, what on earth must go on in private??? He doesnt deserve to have such beautiful dogs!!!! Who else does he beat up? His wife, kids????
    Please can someone verify where these poor dogs are now? I mean the dog who jumped out the boot was probably just wanting to get away from this ABUSER!!

    1. What a joke the legal system is he should NOT be allowed to have any animals and the ones he as should be taken off him disgusting human being

  5. I am shocked. How can this man be allowed to have any animals when he is so clearly unfit to care for them.
    They have to be removed from his care

  6. Disgusting man, unbelievable he can keep the dogs..needs to be banned near animals. But the whole village will ostracise him now. His name and address have been posted. News travels fast in such a small place, far and wide. His life wont be worth living very much..

  7. Remove those poor dogs! As other people are saying, his abuse was done in public, what happens behind closed doors.!!! He should be banned for life owning any animal. His kids/wife should be checked on too as he obviously has no respect for life.

  8. They let him keep the dogs 😡 unbelievable the laws need to change the justice system has signed these poor dogs abuse by this vile scum I really hope karma does her best, I would have been happy to rehome this poor girl 😢😢

  9. I have a cocker almost identical to this one. Except he doesn’t have a worried look in his eyes. So many people including myself would give this dog a loving home. Cannot believe he was allowed to keep them.

  10. Poor dog, she looked petrified as did the other dog. I am disgusted they weren’t taken off him😡If he does that in broad daylight, what does he do when there’s no one around!!

  11. I can’t believe the law, they should have taken the dogs away from him as he would do it again, the law has to change, too much animal abuse just lately, these poor dogs would have found a better life with someone else, that would love and care about them……….time to change the animal laws.

  12. Shocking, this idiot should never be allowed to own or be responsible for any animal, can’t imagine him being Mr popular in Glynneath, must be looking over his shoulder, he deserves the same treatment he gave the innocent defenceless dog.

  13. I agree with everyone comments people that abuse animals are gutless as they only have a go at deffencelless animal who wont retaliat and if the dog did then he would prob just get rid of some how prob shot him as that what he does hunts with them they not loved pets just working dogs i discusted he lives in the same village as me keep up the support everyone and let’s get him banned for keep dogs for life

  14. He needs a good punching see how he likes it
    Makes you wonder how he treats his family
    He’s more than welcome to try treating me the way he treated that poor dog the coward

  15. God knows how he treats his animals behind closed doors if he behaves like that in public 😡😡😡 he should have a ban on keeping animals fo a long time

  16. What is up with the law !!! Those poor dogs should have instantly been taken away! Who knows what is going on in his house even now ? is he beating them behind closed doors also???? Plus does his kids see this behaviour from their father??? Will they think it is OK to abuse animals??? Grrrrrrrr…..
    God it makes my blood boil!!!!!!

    1. Scum he needs a good kicking see how it feels he should be banned for life from having animals where are the three spaniels?social services should be alerted to protect the children’s

  17. I hope that all his animals were removed and he is band from keeping any animal for life! That poor dog surely would have needed treatment!
    I hope this video is shared and shared for the world to see what this abuser has done!

    1. I agree with all the comments someone need to do the same to him as he done to thos poor animal people like this wont have a go at people their own size as they are gutless and only atack defencless animals who dont fight back and if they did then they would either give them another battering or get rid of them in some cruel way
      hope we win this case and get all his dogs taken off him so they can go to a loving caring home which animal deserve
      should be banned from keep animals for life
      Everybody keep up the good work and support with banning all the animal cruelty in the world 🤜🤛

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