Ferryhill, County Durham: Nicole Jones

#TheList Nicole Lauren Jones, born 19/05/2000, of Kitchener Terrace, Ferryhill DL17 8AX – left dogs to starve to death in her filthy home

Dog killer Nicole Lauren Jones from Ferryhill, Co Durham

Mother-of-one Jones admitted three offences under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 after allowing two of her three dogs to starve to death.

Dog killer Nicole Lauren Jones from Ferryhill, Co Durham

The 19-year-old placed the animals in shocking conditions and left them to forage among the junk scattered throughout the house.

The pets knocked over a pot of paint and left a heart-breaking trail of paw prints all over the surfaces and inside the fridges as they desperately searched for food.

Dog killer Nicole Lauren Jones from Ferryhill, Co Durham
Gypsy the lurcher after she was rescued

One dog was found by RSPCA inspectors lying dead next to a chewed up Pot Noodle carton. Another was rescued by the charity but had to be put to sleep because she was so emaciated,

Dog killer Nicole Lauren Jones from Ferryhill, Co Durham
Gypsy was lying on the sofa in a lethargic state

RSPCA inspector Garry Palmer attended Jones’ home on 12 January 2019

Dog killer Nicole Jones from Ferryhill, Co Durham

He said: ‘I could see through the window that the conditions inside were awful with dog faeces and household rubbish littered throughout.

‘There was a young tan and white crossbreed curled up on the floor dead next to a chewed-up Pot Noodle pot.

‘Two surviving dogs, a young male Rottweiler called Bronson and a grey long-haired lurcher called Gypsy, were both obviously very underweight.’

Insp Palmer added: ‘Gypsy was laid out on a settee and appeared very weak and listless.

‘She barely moved when I knocked on the window.

‘When we got inside, we found a tub of fence paint in the house had been knocked over revealing paw prints on top of the worktops and even inside the empty fridge. It was a very upsetting scene.’

The surviving dogs were immediately taken to a veterinary surgery for emergency treatment.

Gypsy was very emaciated. As soon as she was offered food and water she ate and drank immediately. She continued to eat well while hospitalised, being fed small amounts four times a day, and she gained 45% of her original body weight in less than three weeks.

Sadly, Bronson was put to sleep on veterinary advice. Insp Palmer described the dead dog in the house as the most underweight dog he had ever encountered.

He said: ‘In my opinion this is as bad as it gets – depriving animals of their basic needs of food and water and as a consequence one dog paid the ultimate price.’

Dog killer Nicole Lauren Jones from Ferryhill, Co Durham

The RSPCA had given Jones advice in September 2018, yet she ignored this advice and made things worse by taking on a third dog in the meantime.

‘She could have easily contacted the RSPCA for help’, Palmer added.

12 weeks in prison suspended for 18 months; 20-day Rehabilitation Activity Requirement; £400 costs and £115 victim surcharge. Disqualified from keeping animals for ten years, with no appeal to have this lifted for seven years.

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17 thoughts on “Ferryhill, County Durham: Nicole Jones”

  1. Disgusting 🤢. She should be very ashamed of her self for treating these poor animals like she has. Not showing a very good example to her children that’s its OK to treat animals like she has. If you can’t take care of them. Then don’t get a pet simple as. I think she should be banned for life never to be allowed another animal in her care. But most off all should be punished for lack of care and just pure neglect towards these poor dogs.

  2. Disgrace
    The criminal system is
    Why are the judges so laid back on animal abuses
    Absalutely heartbreaking

  3. I should imagine her child/children are in care? She’s obviously not fit to be in charge of animals or children.

  4. She should of had a longer sentence and starved to the point where she would scavenge for food and band for ten years she should be band for life the vile cow she is

  5. 12 weeks on prison! Are you for fn real😡😡 Those poor fucking dogs! They should be tret the exact same as a human, now what would be the consequences if it was a human!
    Starve her the dirty cunt

    1. Thats exactly right. It’s disgusting yet gets fuck all done to her the worst thing for her will b to pay the pissing court costs cause she won’t have a job so will be gutted it will have to come outta her benefits. Yes concern that she’s killed two dogs n left the other to basically died aswell. Poor dogs man. That girl is evil if u can do that to a defenceless animal what would she be capable of doing next unless she’s a coward like most are n that’s why they hurt animals cos they can’t fend for themselves. Pure evil vile bastard.

  6. Shouldn’t be allowed that child either if she sick enough to do that to a dog then what she doing to that child

  7. Sentencing too lenient. She should have served the full 18 months in prison for what she put those poor helpless dogs through. She should be banned from keeping any animals for life and by law, have direct debit taken from her bank account of £20 a month to the RSPCA for one year!

  8. What a cruel, heartless excuse for a human being! Why was the jail sentence suspended? The ban should be for life..of course. I am going to share this so people know never to trust her with anothe animal!!! 😥😥😥

  9. Absolutely appalling what these Dogs that have had to endure.. I think she should have been given prison sentence.. why she didn’t just sign them over to rspca..

  10. I can not for the life of me get my head round this . This WOMAN needs to be deprived of food and water . I rescued a wonderful Doberman who was in the state of starvation that the survivor of of this horrendous crime was . He had a wide collar on and when I patted his neck he gently got hold of my hand . I noticed his eyes were full of pain . I took the collar off and found a “ puppy sized choke chain embedded in his neck with the skin party grown over it . I don’t know how the “ Vet check “ from the centre near Durham where I got him had missed it . He peed blood the next day . I spoon fed him water for a day and another 2 days I spoon fed him boiled fish and held is muzzle . Then took him to the Vets and he had an operation on his prostate .He was 4 yrs old ( they said) . I named him Bruno and he ended up as taller than my radiators . By the way – He had no tail at all just an operation scar . Wonder what story was behind his wretched life before we got him . He died abou 18- 19 yrs ago a gentle faithful dog .

  11. what kind of sentence is that bugger all she should have gone to jail not suspended little skanks like her will do it again ,and she should be starved like them poor dogs were, the law needs to get tough she disgust me ,and I hope someone gives her a bloody good hiding nasty little bitch

  12. I had heard about this. Please send her to me for rehabilitation. I would pleasure in rehabilitating her. Then I would starve her,

  13. I think she should of got a custodial sentence 100% because her actions were so severe so bad a poor dog died in an horrific painful death plus the pain she caused to the other two dogs is disgusting people go to jail for shoplifting n yes that’s not right but it’s no where near as bad as what she’s done and it should be a lifetime ban not 10yrs 😤🤬😡

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