Falmouth, Cornwall: Peter and Vicki Quick

#TheList Peter Quick, born c. 1981, and Vicki Quick, born c. 1979, both of 18 Oakfield Road, Falmouth, Cornwall TR11 2HR – for the starvation and neglect of two dogs and four cats

Convicted animal abusers Vicki Quick and Peter Quick from Falmouth in Cornwall
Pet abusers: the Quicks were banned from keeping animals for 20 years after their two dogs and four cats were found to have been starved and badly neglected

Peter and Vicki Quick were found guilty of five counts of animal cruelty.

The court was shown photographic evidence of the couple’s cats and dogs, some of whom had visible rib cages and painful skin conditions.

Peter and Vicki Quick from Falmouth in Cornwall left their pets to starve and failed to treat their painful skin conditions

The two dogs, Scooby and Bambi, together with four cats Toulouse, Cookie, Crumble and Dough, have been in the care of the RSPCA pending the sentencing.

The couple do have another cat, Midnight, described by Vicki Quick as her “therapy cat”, who will also be taken away from them, although he did not have any injuries or issues.

The Quicks’ lawyer said that the offences were committed at a time when the couple, who have four children, experienced difficulties in living at the address. He said they had been threatened and advised not to return to the property

It was said that Vicki Quick has a long history of mental health issues including psychosis, depression and agoraphobia.

In sentencing the pair, the judge said: “It was your responsibility to look after those animals and while we have sympathy for your situation, it is clear that you do not have the skills or understanding at this time to prevent suffering to them.

“We do not accept that you could not have noticed they were being starved and dehydrated and that they were in pain and had injuries, body scabs and fleas.”

Sentencing: £300 costs each. 20-year ban on keeping animals. This was suspended for 21 days, during which time the couple have a right to appeal.


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