Fairfield, Liverpool: Sean Cottrell

#TheList Sean Philip Cottrell, born 19/06/1992, as at March 2020 of Edge Grove, Liverpool L7 0HW but originally from the Wirral, Merseyside – battered his Staffy puppy so badly the dog was left severely brain-damaged and had to be put down

Dog killer Sean Cottrell from Liverpool, Merseyside
Sean Philip Cottrell’s attack on a four-month-old puppy left the dog “in a stupor” and so seriously injured he had to be euthanised

Sean Cottrell, who went on to be jailed for 11 years after attacking his baby son, admitted inflicting blunt force trauma to the dog, named Dexter, resulting in severe brain damage. He also admitted failing to provide proper and necessary veterinary care and attention following the beating.

Staffordshire bull terrier Dexter suffered brain damage and had to be put down after Sean Cottrell beat him so hard vets said he looked like he had been in a car crash.

Chris Murphy, prosecuting for the RSPCA, told how Dexter was left to suffer from his injuries for two days before he was found by RSPCA inspectors on a balcony outside Cottrell’s flat pacing in tight circles.

The animal charity was called by a concerned witness who was visiting Cottrell’s neighbour two days earlier and heard blows and animal cries from the flat.

Dog killer Sean Cottrell from Liverpool, Merseyside
Dog killer Sean Cottrell pictured outside court

Mr Murphy said: “Officers were concerned for the animal’s welfare as both its eyes were blood red. They felt it had suffered so the dog was seized.”

He was taken away for examination by vets who found he has suffered “multiple trauma to the head”. He was unable to feed independently and was observed pacing in circles and bumping into objects in his path.

They decided Dexter’s injuries were so severe he needed to be put down

A report read to the court from vet Nick Whieldon said that it was the “single worst case” he had encountered in four years of dealing in animal cruelty cases, stating that not only was Dexter subject to the beating but was then left in that state for two days unable to perform bodily functions.

RSPCA inspector Anthony Joynes told the ECHO afterwards: “This was a sickening, stomach-churning case involving a young Staffordshire puppy who yet again has paid the ultimate price at the hands of its cruel and violent owner.

“I am pleased Mr Cottrell has also paid the ultimate price and lost his liberty.

“This case deeply affected not only myself and my colleagues but also the police officer and veterinary surgeon involved.

“I’m happy the courts have banned Mr Cottrell from keeping any animals for the rest of his life and hope that the sentence sends a clear message that such brutal and disgusting behaviour will not be accepted in today’s society.”

Sentence: 14 weeks in jail, life ban on owning an animal but can appeal after 10 years (August 2024)

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