Exeter, Devon: Claire Hughes

#TheList Claire Hughes, born 10/06/1989, of 89A Burnthouse Lane, Exeter EX2 6AU – left her emaciated dog to suffer in a shocking condition without veterinary attention

Dog killer Claire Hughes from Exeter

Hughes admitted two offences under the Animal Welfare Act 2006: one of causing unnecessary suffering to a dog named Lily and another of failing to meet her needs.

Lily was starved to death by her cruel owner Claire Hughes from Exeter
Lily was severely emaciated when found by the RSPCA and despite the charity’s efforts to save her, she passed away.

An RSPCA officer rushed Lily to a vet but sadly her condition was so serious she didn’t make it.

Lily was starved to death by Claire Hughes of Exeter.
Photo of Lily from her evil owner’s Facebook

RSPCA Inspector Marije Zwager, who investigated, said: “This was a frustrating and saddening case where a dog was left to suffer without the care she desperately needed.

“Lily was in a shocking condition when we saw her, it would have been obvious to anyone looking at her she was in need of urgent care.

Dog killer Claire Hughes from Exeter

“Those who own animals have a responsibility to look after them and ensure health conditions are dealt with promptly by a vet to avoid their pets suffering. It is never acceptable to ignore an animal in need.”

Sentencing:  Eight weeks in custody, suspended for twelve months, for each offence to run concurrently. Total of £365 costs and charges. Disqualified from keeping animals for 10 years (expires October 2028).  


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