Eglinton, County Londonderry: Amy Denby

#TheList Amy Denby, born 11/11/1993, of 16 Cherry Drive, Eglinton, Co Londonderry, Northern Ireland BT47 3US – left a pet husky starve to death and allowed another to become severely underweight

Irresponsible and callous: Amy Denby of Cherry Drive, Eglinton, and her two victims Cooper, who died, and Jasper who recovered.
Irresponsible and callous: Amy Denby of Cherry Drive, Eglinton, Co Londonderry, and her two victims Cooper, who sadly starved to death, and Jasper who recovered.

Denby pleaded guilty to two charges of causing unnecessary suffering to two huskies – one a 10-month-old bitch named Cooper that was found dead at Denby’s home, and the other, named Jasper, who has since made a full recovery and been re-homed.

During October 2014, police attended Denby’s then home in Grafton Street, Rosemount, where they found Cooper dead and Jasper severely underweight. Jasper was taken to a local veterinary clinic, where he was treated for malnutrition before being handed over to the local council.

Denby’s defence solicitor told the court that his client “simply was not able to cope with, and to afford to have the dogs but rather than calling for help she internalised the whole thing.”

He said that Denby had now “moved on with her life and shared her present home with her partner, their one-year-old daughter and a dog which is registered in her partner’s name”.

Summing up, the district judge said that Denby “could have gone to an animal rescue centre, contacted the city council or asked for help from animal welfare charities”, adding. “Too many people choose to have dogs in circumstances which are completely unsuitable for them and for the dogs.

He continued: “Huskies are big dogs and they need regular exercise and room in which to run around. Just one husky was the wrong type of dog for this person. Dog owners must realise they have responsibilities towards their pets.”

Sentence: three months in jail, suspended for two years; costs of £2,762; banned for life from keeping animals. 

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