Kingston upon Hull: Sophie Esnee

#TheList Sophie Esnee, born c. 1990, of Belmont Street, Hull HU9 – threw her pet snake at a neighbour; failed to provide a suitable living environment for the snake.

Snake abuser and serial violent troublemaker Sophie Esnee from east Hull, UK
Sophie Esnee

Serial troublemaker and alleged drug addict Esnee was fined £100 and banned from keeping reptiles for seven years, for failing to provide a suitable living environment for the snake, known as Lucifer.

Esnee received no separate penalty for a further offence in neighbouring Estcourt Street on February 12, 2018, when she failed to protect Lucifer from “pain, suffering, injury and disease”, by “taking the snake out on a February evening and throwing the snake at another person”.

Both offences under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 were proved in Esnee’s absence at Hull Magistrates’ Court.

Lucifer was ordered to be taken into the care of the RSPCA to be rehomed.

In May 2019 Esnee, who has two aliases, was convicted of damaging a latched wooden door belonging to a pizza restaurant, assaulting a police constable by beating, possessing cannabis, and assault by beating.

Sentencing: total of £280 fine, costs and charges. Banned from keeping reptiles for seven years with the right of appeal after five years.