Dunfermline: Amanda Hunter and Anthony Paton

#The List Amanda ‘Mandy’ Hunter and Anthony ‘Tony’ Paton both of 89 Macbeth Road, Dunfermline KY11 4EE – left their dog Rocco to suffer with multiple ailments including a hole on the side of his face caused by infection

Dog abusers Mandy Hunter and Tony Paton from Dunfermline
Mandy Hunter and Tony Paton left their dog Rocco to suffer in agony.

Hunter and Paton admitted causing their pet unnecessary suffering between July 15 and September 2, 2016.

Depute fiscal Azrah Yousaf told the court the Scottish SPCA received a report about the condition of Rocco.

The dog was being neglected and had an ear infection which was not being treated, leading to the skin opening up so the jaw was visible.

Paton told them the dog had been taken to a vet at end August 2016. They had been told by the vet that the dog should be put down but this was not done.

“It had a gaping and weeping hole on the side of its face,” said the depute.

The dog was removed from the house and the pair were told they were going to be charged.

Rocco’s weight was 24.8 kg when it should have been 30 to 35 kg. He also had a flea infestation and was suffering from hair loss.

Rocco was euthanised because of its condition. The SSPCA had noted that there were other animals in the house including a dog, rabbits and frogs.

Sentence: not reported but a motion to ban the couple from keeping animals for two years was denied by the court after opposition from their solicitors.

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