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#TheList Stewart John Milne, born 29/05/1988, of 30C St Columba Gardens, Dundee DD3 9NX – poured boiling water over his pet dog and failed to get treatment for his severe burns; dog put to sleep

Pictured is Stewart Milne who failed to take his dog Buddy to the vet after he suffered severe burn injuries
Stewart Milne poured boiling water over a defenceless dog who later had to be put down

Stewart Milne claimed he had suffered an epileptic fit while making a cup of tea and accidentally scalded the dog, a Staffy known as Buddy. This version of events was accepted by the court and Milne was only prosecuted over his failure to take the dog to the vet for treatment for his extensive burns.

Buddy suffered an agonising skin infection after Stewart Milne ‘accidentally’ scalded him

Milne admitted a charge of causing the dog unnecessary suffering.

He also admitted possessing a knife, which he claimed he carried for protection after the animal neglect charge was made public.

Sheriff Lorna Drummond QC jailed Milne for a total of 320 days at Dundee Sheriff Court.

The Scottish SPCA said Buddy initially responded well to treatment but subsequently developed a chronic skin disease and was put down.

The court was told Milne did not take the dog to a vet and only applied antiseptic cream to the animal.

Sheriff Drummond told Milne: “The charge concerning the lack of care for your dog is particularly concerning and the dog must have suffered quite a lot at your hands.”

Pictured is Stewart Milne who failed to take his dog Buddy to the vet after he suffered severe burn injuries

The Scottish SPCA, which was involved in the investigation, welcomed the sentence.

Inspector Karen Cooper said Buddy would have been in “considerable pain”.

She said: “The wounds on Buddy were extensive, with several of them scabbed over and infected with yellow pus. They clearly needed treatment and would have been causing Buddy considerable pain.

“Buddy received the wounds after Milne suffered a fit while making coffee and spilled a kettle of boiling water over the dog.

“A responsible dog owner would have immediately sought veterinary treatment for the dog but sadly in this circumstance that was not the case.

“After responding well to treatment, Buddy unfortunately later developed a chronic skin disease which resulted in him being put to sleep following veterinary advice.

“We’re glad that Milne has been dealt with by the courts and hope he gives serious consideration to his ability to care for animals in the future

Sentencing: jailed for a total of 320 days including 145 days for the animal cruelty offence. He was not banned from owning an animal.

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