Doncaster, South Yorkshire: Lewis Carpenter

#TheList Lewis Carpenter, 11 Winchester Rd, Dunscroft, Doncaster DN7 4NB –  committed a ‘deliberate act of cruelty’ during which a dog under his control killed a cat

Neil Carpenter from Doncaster set his dog on this pet cat in a deliberate act of cruelty
Neil Carpenter from Doncaster set his dog on this pet cat in a deliberate act of cruelty

Carpenter, who was with another youth whose identity he refused to disclose, led the dog to fatally attack the pet cat, named R2.

The horrific incident was captured on a neighbour’s CCTV camera and Carpenter was arrested when he was identified after the footage was shared on Facebook.

Matt Gelder, the cat’s owner, found R2 lying in his kitchen, covered in blood the next morning, the court heard.

Vets operated on R2, but he died several days later – leaving Mr Helder with a £2,400 bill for treatment.

2019 social media photograph of Lewis Carpenter
2019 photograph of Lewis Carpenter

Carpenter was told by the chairman of the bench: “This was a deliberate act of cruelty. You showed the dog to the cat and led it to him. The results were horrific. You are very lucky you are not going to prison.”

After the hearing Mr Gelder said he was glad Carpenter had been caught but appealed for anyone with information about the other man’s identity to contact the police.

Cat killer Lewis Carpenter from Doncaster
Remorseless Carpenter jokes with his sick friends about killing helpless cats

12-week sentence suspended for a year; 200 hours of unpaid work; ordered to pay cat’s owner £305.76 in compensation. Five-year ban on keeping an animal (expires January 2020).

Source: Doncaster Free Press (article removed)


In a Facebook message posted by Lewis Carpenter’s father, Neil Carpenter, he (Neil) expressed his anger that people were sharing the story of his son’s despicable act of deliberate animal cruelty. Shockingly a friend of Mr Carpenter’s named Cathi Askin said that “every dog man around has killed a cat in there time just unlucky he got caught” [sic].

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