Kircubbin, County Down: Dominic O’Connor

#TheList Dominic O’Connor (DoB 18/10/1989) previously known as William Mocsari and also William Stevens, previously of Roden Street, Kircubbin, Co Down  – convicted of cooking and killing a dog

Evil dog killer Dominic O'Connor
Deranged dog killer Dominic O’Connor AKA William Mocsari AKA William Stevens – given just two years in jail for his crime

O’Connor strangled his four-year-old collie, Jess, with a lead before cooking her, using “a few onions and an Oxo cube” in December 2016. He then fed the stew to his other dog. He put Jess’s remains on the fire and later dumped the ashes into Portavogie harbour.

O’Connor was found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to a dog and banned for life from owning another animal.

Prior to being sent to prison for two years in November 2017 O’Connor was seen at a property in  Dundela Avenue, Belast BT4 3BT.  His family are based in Bangor, Co Down and he also has links to Hammersmith in London and Surrey.

The court heard that O’Connor bought Jess on the internet classifieds site Gumtree.

The incident was uncovered when he told hospital health professionals what he had done.

Police then visited his house, where they found burned dog hair and a liquid on the grate of the fire.

Sentencing O’Connor, the judge said this was a “particularly disgraceful and heinous offence”.

He said O’Connor had misled the people from whom he got the dog, leading them to believe she would be nurtured and protected.

Instead, he said that it was clear that O’Connor was going to kill this dog and “inflict serious cruelty”.

He said O’Connor’s behaviour was “barbaric and calculated”.

The judge added that O’Connor had raised questions about his mental health, but did not provide any medical evidence on which the court could rely.

He said he had displayed “no real remorse” and despite not giving evidence on his own behalf, O’Connor seemed to challenge the evidence against him.

The court heard that O’Connor had 23 previous convictions.

Sentence: He was sentenced to two years in prison and a further two on licence. He was banned from owning any animal for life.

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