Dewsbury, West Yorkshire: Rachel Louise Goodwin

#TheList Rachel Louise Goodwin, aged 29, from Broomer Street, Dewsbury WF13 –  found guilty in her absence of five cases of animal abuse after four rabbits and two guinea pigs were found dead at her home.

Convicted pet abuser Rachel Louise Goodwin from Dewsbury
Rachel Louise Goodwin starved rabbits and guinea pigs to death and didn’t even have the decency to turn up for her court hearing

Single mother-of-seven Goodwin was convicted after four rabbits and two guinea pigs kept at her home were found dead. She was due to appear before Kirklees Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday 15/8/18 but failed to attend so the case was heard in her absence.

Goodwin was found guilty of one count of causing unnecessary suffering and four counts of failing to meet the needs of the animals under the Animal Welfare Act.

The animals were discovered when a fifth rabbit, named Ginger, was found sitting under a car on Broomer Street on 2nd January 2018 and was picked up by an RSPCA officer.

Further enquiries led the officer to Goodwin’s address. Kris Walker, RSPCA Inspector, said: “My colleague went to Goodwin’s house to see if the rabbit belonged to her but soon became concerned and I and the police attended.

“We were faced with an absolutely heartbreaking scene; the dead rabbits and guinea pigs were in hutches in the garden, some were much more decomposed than others so clearly some of them had been living there alongside the bodies.

“Veterinary evidence suggested one of the rabbits, called Spike, had been dead for around three days, while rabbits Rihanna and Selena had been dead for as little as 24 hours.

“Half of guinea pig Tinkerbell’s body was missing so it was impossible to say how long Tinkerbell had been dead.”

Inspector Walker added: “The hutches were absolutely filthy and there was no food or water.”

“We presume that Ginger was loose and therefore had access to grass which is probably the reason for this rabbit’s survival.”

Ginger was signed over to the RSPCA and has since been rehomed.

Source: Yorkshire Evening Post (article removed)

34 thoughts on “Dewsbury, West Yorkshire: Rachel Louise Goodwin”

  1. Who the he’ll has put this on when she wasn’t found guilty at all she didn’t even no about the court case so who ever it was will be getting done for slander

    1. It’s only LIBEL if it’s not true. She’s been found guilty in her absence. The photographs of those poor dead animals tell me everything I need to know. She’s disgusting, and so are you for defending her. Now you tell this useless, irresponsible bint to hand herself in.


    3. Wow are you so dumb – she was found guilty because she didn’t have the balls to take responsibility for her actions and go to court. If she can’t even look after bloody pets – what the hell are the children been put through?

  2. She was found guilty because she is! Those animals did not kill themselves and she will know she was due in court and chose not to attend

        1. She will stick up for her cos it’s her sister . Wouldn’t dare. Slander my arse it’s all over papers. Scruffy cunts. Hope she gets what she deserves

          1. I have siblings and if six helpless pets died because of their stupidity they’d be well and truly disowned. I don’t take the threats of these thickos seriously. They’re just embarrassing themselves.

      1. Nope … she had kids taken off her too because she couldn’t look after them either. She’s a disgrace of a woman – her ex partner is an old family friend. Her actions are disgusting!

  3. Wow! For all u little tramps that wanna slag someone off for animal cruilty why dont u go see her old landlord that was a cunt towards her & her children! Dont bring her children into anything to do with this they havent done anything wrong to no one or anything so keep ya trap shut ya set of scruffy fuckers! I dont care what people say about me but i will always defend my family weather people like it or not. The animals would still be here if the landlord wasnt a dick head & told her she wasnt allowed back to the house so hes at fault as well..

    1. She never pays anything both Rachel and Steven don’t
      And as far as the kids go the youngest 4 are my nephews. So they are my family and I’m not scruffy count or slag. Don’t preach what you practice

  4. how anyone can defend this horrible twats actions is beyond me , maybe she should be put in a cage n not fed or wayered for days silly bitch

    1. The girl at the top called jemma is Rachels sister . Rachel is the girl that did it. And jemma is her sister they all as scruffy as each other no surprise she’s sticking up for her . They all scruffs

    1. Here! U wanna keep ya mouth shut about Rachel’s kids ya daft little cunt.. If ya knew the right facts to why the fucking animals died then ya wouldn’t be looking like a fat cunt now would ya? If we are all scruffy then come say it to our faces ya silly fucks ?

  5. Can’t comment on the rest of the family but rachel is an absolute scruff bag. Her kids were taken into care as she’d mistreat them and often beat them. One time I witnessed her newborn baby in a car with no car seat, a dirty nappy and a seatbelt wrapped around it several times. The kids would get screamed at, called stupid and she would often call SS herself and accuse the father of all these things. She couldn’t look after her kids. Fact. Therefore I’m not surprised how she treated animals. They have found her guilty and when they catch up with her, I hope she gets sent to prison for a long time. So that when she gets out her children are old enough to not be manipulated by a horrible mess like her!

    1. She sounds like an absolute nightmare in every way. They need to throw the book at her, get her locked up for the protection of kids and animals alike.

  6. It’s total joke with you lot haha? If ya knew the right story & let her have her say instead of listening to one side of the bullshit story then ya would see a total different option on this case? Rachel isn’t a scruffy bitch & for people saying they have seen her walking round dewsbury picking cigs up off the floor is beyond me because she’s never smoked in her life! People are quick enough to judge others but hey ho as any of u lot done bad stuff in your lives hmm yeah course you have? Don’t judge a book by its cover if ya don’t no the right ins & outs dfft cunts?

  7. Hahaha goodwins stick together because there fucking each other dirty dogs…good job there kids are away from Rachel and tasha if this is how animals get treated!

  8. I’m not being funny and I’m not sticking up for her in any way, what she has done is disgusting but bringing any children or any of her family into it is wrong. She is responsible for her actions not them and it isn’t their fault

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