Royston, Herts: David & Marilyn Govan

#TheList hoarders David Govan, born 19/11/1950, and wife Marilyn Govan, born 03/09/1953, of Windmill Close, Bassingbourn, Royston SG8 5FJ – prosecuted for antisocial behaviour relating to their 38 dogs.

Dog hoarders Marilyn and David Govan of Royston, Hertfordshire
Dog hoarders Marilyn and David Govan of Royston, Hertfordshire

The council had received regular complaints from neighbours of antisocial behaviour relating to the Govans’ dogs howling and barking, the smell of faeces, and dogs escaping from the property. In total, the couple kept 38 dogs of various breeds at their former property in Hay Green, Royston.

The local authority gave the couple two months to reduce the noise by reducing the number of dogs on the property.

Mrs Govan contacted the council to express displeasure with the way the couple had been treated, and informing officials that they wouldn’t reduce the amount of dogs at the property.

After a second order found the noise levels were still too high, the dogs were then seized from the home by the RSPCA and the police.

The raid was prompted after a neighbour  raised concerns about the welfare of the animals.

The council also made an application for a Criminal Behaviour Order against the couple, preventing them from having more than three dogs at the property, having any female dogs on any of the land comprising their property, and allowing dogs to bark, howl, yap or whine, whilst also being required to collect, bag and bin any faeces attributed to their dogs.

As far as we know the couple, who have sold the Hay Green property and moved into nearby Windmill Close,  still have custody of the dogs.

Sentence: total fines and costs of £18,249.00.

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