Darlington, County Durham: Paul Hinton

#TheList Paul Hinton, born 07/11/1975, as at 2018 of 17 Borough Road, Darlington DL1 1SG – killed a stray dog by taping up his muzzle then subjecting him to a violent beating

Paul Hinton from Darlington subjected a helpless mongrel to a prolonged violent attack
Hinton tied the dog’s muzzle shut and then proceeded to beat him to death

Hinton tied up the mongrel before subjecting him to a prolonged beating, during which he kicked him in the  head, spine, tail, leg and abdomen.  He also taped the dog’s muzzle shut.  The dog died of impaired breathing and a heart attack as a result of traumatic injury.

Despite the pre-meditated and sustained nature of  Hinton’s violent attack on the defenceless animal,  a charge of torture was withdrawn.

Hinton alleged that he bound the dog’s muzzle to protect his children, claiming that one of them had been bitten.

Speaking after the case, RSPCA inspector Garry Palmer said: “What this dog went through is the stuff of nightmares. Thinking about that has caused many a sleepless night for me. The premeditated nature of what happened here makes it one of the most shocking cases I have ever dealt with. It was horrific.”

10-week prison sentence. Life ban on keeping animals.

Northern Echo