Carlisle/WIGTON, Cumbria: Richard Todd and Wayne Lawson

#TheList Wayne Lawson, born 28/09/1978, of 23 Sheehan Gardens, Carlisle CA2 7GY and Richard Todd, born 20/07/1978, of 11 Mill Road, Wigton CA7 5EE – made a video as they tried to kill a badger by setting their dogs on it

Badger baiters Richard Todd (left and in green top in middle photo) and Wayne Lawson both from Cumbria
Badger baiters Richard Todd and Wayne Lawson both from Cumbria

Lawson and Todd admitted trying to kill the badger while Lawson also pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to two dogs by failing to provide veterinary care for facial injuries.

Wayne Lawson's dogs had suffered a variety of untreated facial injuries
Lawson failed to get veterinary care for his dogs’ painful facial injuries.

Patterdale terrier Scooby and Bull Lurcher Stan were both found at the Carlisle property along with four other dogs, with horrible injuries to their faces and muzzles. The dogs, who had remained in RSPCA care, were rehomed.

The men were due to stand trial but after charges of interfering with badger setts and of causing an animal fight to take place were dropped, they admitted the attempt to kill.

Badger baiter Richard Todd
Badger baiter Richard Todd

Speaking after the sentencing, RSPCA officer Jason Bowles said: “We received intelligence that Mr Lawson was involved in badger digging and found two dogs at his property with extensive scarring and nasty injuries consistent with fights with badgers.

“We seized a mobile phone which had saved videos showing him and another man digging down to tunnels before placing the dogs underground to find the wild animals.

“This case really shows the suffering caused to the poor badgers who are hunted for fun as well as the dogs used in this barbaric blood sport. They are often left with hideous injuries and disfigurements and rarely receive appropriate veterinary treatment or pain relief.”

Both – 140-day prison term, suspended for a year.

Lawson – 160 hours of unpaid work in the community. Disqualified from keeping dogs for four years. Total costs and charges of £1,415.

Todd – 100 hours of unpaid work in the community. Total costs and charges of £1,115.  Banned from keeping animals for two years.

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